7 Reasons Why You Need Surveillance Cameras in Your Workplace

With a good surveillance security system in place, your business is 67% less likely to be hit by burglars. But deterring crime isn’t all there is to camera surveillance systems for businesses. A comprehensive surveillance system can be beneficial not only to a business, but to its employees, and customers. It can boost your brand image, customer confidence, and employee productivity, helping you create a more favorable environment around your business.

But some resistance and drawbacks could prevent you from accessing these surveillance system benefits. If you’re struggling to justify the cost of installing and maintaining an excellent surveillance system to stakeholders or board members, or to explain away the perceived intrusion of privacy by your customers or employees, we’ve put together the most convincing selling points that’ll give you greater persuasion power.

These benefits can create significant impacts on your daily business activities, enhancing the daily lives of your employees, customers and your community at large.

Sustaining Growth and Progress

A tight security surveillance system makes you sleep better at night knowing that you won’t lose the things you’ve struggled so hard to acquire to ne’er-do-wells. You’ll be better equipped to prevent both internal and external theft, deterring intruders as well as insiders from committing crimes around your vicinity.

Overall, a heightened sense of security can also help boost your brand image, consumer confidence, and employee morale, all of which help create an environment that’s conducive to business growth. Imagine the level of confidence and commitment you’ll have around your business when everyone knows you’re secured against the 275 million successful heists that hit business premises around the globe.

Obtaining Irrefutable Evidence

Surveillance camera footage significantly increases your chances of solving crimes that occur around your business premises. The live camera feed can help you to not only prevent crimes but also to quickly resolve rare incidences that slip through your fingers.

Video footage provides evidence for investigation as well as prosecution of crimes. The authorities can use it to identify perpetrators of crimes. It can also help the judge or jury to get a clearer picture of what transpired during an incident.

These days, judges and jurors often rely heavily on surveillance camera footage to draw their conclusions about cases.

Protecting your Employees

If the invasion of privacy is a major concern that your employees are having with surveillance cameras in the workplace, they might reconsider things if they think about the protection they’ll be getting. They’ll need to trade off some privacy for greater protection. They’ll be protected not only from theft, but other crimes like fraudulent activities, abuse, and harassment.

They can rest assured knowing that they can always come back to find their things where they left them mistakenly. Their vehicles in the parking lot will be well-secured against burglars. Visitors are also monitored round the clock to spot and prevent suspicious activities in the workplace.

Resolving Claims and Business Disputes

Disputes are bound to happen now and then. You never can tell when an unscrupulous customer will walk through your doors, or a disgruntled employee will seek revenge, or when an employee is being abused by a superior.

Disputes can happen between your employees, employees and customers, or your suppliers and third parties.

With live video feeds, you can prevent these incidences and quickly resolve those that threaten to get out of hands. Without the video feed, you may have a hard time trying to fill in the gaps with varying versions of the story from different witnesses.

Your video feed might also help provide evidence to counter false claims. Many businesses have successfully refuted false claims in court using CCTV footage.

Minimizing Security Cost

Security cameras can help you protect every part of your business premises at a much lower cost compared to hiring guards. You can keep an eye on every nook and cranny of your business premises with a minimal number of security personnel.

With a well-rounded security camera in place, you might make do with a guard or two who’ll get down to the scene of an incident that’s been spotted by the cameras.

Also, you can integrate a host of features to enhance the effectiveness of your video surveillance system at a pocket-friendly price. You can set up motion sensors connected to alarms and remote audio systems to warn off intruders.

Enhancing Productivity in the Workplace

In many instances, it might not be ideal to leave your employees to their devices. But neither you nor your supervisors can spend the whole day babysitting your employees. With video surveillance systems, you can monitor your employees round the clock without having someone sit in the same room with them.

Besides helping you prevent unscrupulous activities, a video surveillance system can also help you access job performance to give better employee appraisals. You’ll be better equipped to ensure strict adherence to safety and security rules and general operational rules around the workplace.

Video surveillance can also help you implement predictive maintenance, enabling you to spot and address potential problems with your equipment before they break down and cause downtimes.

Improving Customer Experience

There are other reasons to monitor customers around the business premises besides preventing suspicious activities. You can use video feed to assess your customers’ experience and gauge how well your employees handle their requests. Surveillance footage can also help you easily resolve complaints that customers may have against your employees.

A well-rounded surveillance system can also help you profile your customers, their unique preferences, and buying behaviors. This will provide you with insights on how to serve each of them better. For instance, in retail spaces, you can tell what products to place in which sections of the store to help customers find exactly what they want to improve their customer experience.


Surveillance cameras at workplace can benefit your business in myriads of ways, both in the short and long run. The notion of a well-secured, closely monitored business premises can significantly raise your brand image, customer confidence, and employee productivity.

At Aclarity, we can help you exploit these benefits and lots more. Reach out to us today to learn more about how to set up and maintain a well-rounded camera surveillance system for your business.


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