7 Signs You Need to Partner With a Remote Surveillance Team for Your Construction Site Security

The demand for remote monitoring is on the rise across the construction industry as more site owners are coming to terms with its advantages. Remote monitoring is currently taking the construction industry by storm thanks to its cost efficiency, greater convenience, and excellent reliability.

If you’ve been hesitant about joining the bandwagon, a few tell-tale signs can make it an imperative. Many site owners have needs that necessitate remote monitoring – especially in an era where remote technologies are in vogue due to movement and gathering restrictions. If you find yourself with such needs, traditional surveillance systems might just not make the cut.

In such a case, remote surveillance can help you save cost while enjoying uninterrupted progress on site.

Here are some of the best indications that you might need to work with a remote monitoring team rather than a traditional onsite surveillance system.

7 Signs You Might Need a Remote Surveillance Team for your Construction Site

Faster Board Approval

Looking for more limbs to stand on when pitching your development to your company’s board or investors? Remote monitoring can be an ace off your sleeves. With its numerous advantages, remote monitoring can help raise the appeal of your development project.

The notion of a modern, professionally-run surveillance system can bolster the confidence in the building’s security of anyone with vested interest, from investors to the occupants of the building.

Your investors and board members will feel at greater ease about the security and safety of valuables within the premises as well as the health and safety of everyone on the site.

Protecting a Controversial Site

If your development is the subject of some political or social controversies, then you might need a high level of security on the site. You should consider calling in a remote surveillance team to work with your on-site security team if your site is frequented by scenes of protests and saboteurs.

Besides preventing protesters from camping inside the site, you also need to monitor the site constantly to prevent saboteurs and vandals from breaking in and stealing or damaging construction equipment and other valuables.

Deploying a Professionally-Run Layer of Protection

Remote monitoring can help you bridge gaps in your traditional monitoring systems. It can help detect signs of suspicious activities which have been missed by alarms, guards, and other aspects of your traditional monitoring system.

Remote monitoring systems are run by well-trained eyes that can pick up on suspicious activities even when alarms and patrol guards have missed them. Professional monitoring teams not only detect subtle signs, but they’ll also interpret the signs and take action to forestall any harm and apprehend the suspects involved.

Mounting Round-the-Clock Surveillance

If you’re building in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, you might need to monitor your site round the clock. Thieves and invaders often count on chances and negligence, but you give them none of that when you have eyes constantly watching every nook and cranny.

However, it could be quite expensive to run a surveillance room that’s manned 24/7. Plus, you run risks of costly oversights when the surveillance room is left unattended to.

But remote monitoring can help get the job done at a significantly lower rate and no risky oversights. Remote monitoring programs can help you get well-trained surveillance experts monitoring your site all day and all night without leaving a huge dent on your site’s budget.

Minimizing Cost

Perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of remote monitoring is the cost efficiency. If you’re operating on a tight budget but want to maintain optimal security on your site, then you should consider outsourcing your site’s surveillance to a remote monitoring team.

Multiple buildings are monitored simultaneously by a surveillance team at remote surveillance centers. This allows for optimal surveillance of several buildings at a much lower rate compared to the cost of monitoring one site with a dedicated surveillance team.

You can save up to 80% with a remote monitoring team compared to cost of hiring on-site guards or surveillance personnel.

Achieving Wider Coverage

Remote monitoring might be a safer bet if you’re building on an expansive site. Large developments are usually fraught with large pockets of space that are left unguarded and unmonitored.

However, a remote monitoring service can keep constant watch on just about every inch of a construction site, no matter how large it might be.

Before they begin monitoring a site, a remote surveillance team usually carries out a thorough inspection of the site to identify vulnerabilities and make sure there are no unwatched spaces that could be used an entry point for thieves and intruders.

Greater Convenience and Efficiency in Project Management

Besides protecting your site, an excellent remote monitoring service can also help you ease and increase the efficiency of your project management. Remote surveillance can help you overcome many impediments to your project management, from lack of accountability to non compliance with health and safety protocols, etc.

With access to round-the-clock video feeds, you’ll find it easier to monitor the progress on site, check the delivery and use of inventories, and also identify and deter instances where proper health and safety rules are violated.

What’s more, the reliable collection and storage of surveillance feeds can help you keep time-lapse records of work on your construction site for posterity.

Wrapping Up

Besides detecting and deterring crimes with a higher degree of accuracy and reliability, there are several reasons why you should call in a remote surveillance team to your construction site. A remote surveillance team can help protect your site from saboteurs and people who have it out for your construction. It can also raise the appeal of your building, minimize the cost of comprehensive surveillance, and also ease site management.

You’ll get highly trained surveillance experts monitoring every nook and cranny of your site for any suspicious activities 24/7 – all at a fraction of the cost of running a manned surveillance room on your site.

At Aclarity, we’re well acquainted with the unique challenges that usually push site owners to seek out the assistance of remote monitoring teams. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how to improve your site’s security with remote surveillance.

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