A.I Cameras and Audio Deterrent Cameras for Next-Level Building Security

AI Security Camera

A.I cameras and audio deterrent cameras are designed to address all these issues, providing top-notch security round the clock at a fraction of the cost of guards.

Providing air-tight security in a busy, regularly occupied building requires a system that doesn’t miss a beat. Building owners can get to firm grips to their property security with a comprehensive, proactive system. Alert to everything in monitored spaces and not only detects but also deters and stalls criminal activities.

Property owners can combine patrol guards and constantly manned surveillance cameras to fulfill these security requirements. But that could rack up nail-biting expenses. Not to mention that humans can’t work like robots. They leave gaps in your security system when they take a break, get distracted, or nod off on duty.

We’ll take a look at what these next-gen A.I. cameras are and how they can help beef up your building security while reducing your running cost.

What are A.I. Cameras and Audio Deterrent Cameras?

A.I. cameras being used to turn passive camera systems into proactive systems. A.I. cameras system doesn’t just record data but also process it and acts based on the analysis. They can process a wide range of data, from license plates to people’s faces and human body shapes in dark places.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common components of these next-gen cameras:

Facial Detection:

This feature can help identify the people entering and leaving the building. Some models are designed to raise alarms when unfamiliar faces make attempts at restricted areas. The feature can also be integrated with access control at all major entries, denying unknown faces entry into the building.

Person Detection:

This feature works like a motion detector, detecting the presence of people in general to ensure that no one turns up where they’re not supposed to. The feature sends out an alert once anyone steps into the monitored area.

But it does a better job because criminals can use other points of entry to evade motion detectors. Person detection cameras will be alert to their presence once they enter the monitored space, regardless how they go there.

People Counting:

For construction site management, event management, and apartment building management, people counting A.I. features can make things easier. They help you easily track the number of people on a property, whether it’s the number of workers turning up each day or the number of attendants in an event. Some versions go as far as taking a snapshot of each and every individual as they enter or leave the building.

Vehicle detection and license plate recognition:

A.I. cameras can also detect vehicles moving in and out of a premises. License plate recognition features can capture a license plate number from several feet away. It sends out a notification or takes a snapshot (including the license plate) whenever a vehicle drives up the gate or the driveway of a building. When integrated with access control, the license plate recognition feature can deny access to vehicles with unknown plate numbers.

Audio Deterrence:

The audio deterrence feature enables remote audio responses, allowing site managers or guards in viewing rooms to speak directly to anyone captured on camera in any part of the building. It’s often integrated with strobe lights and sirens to give intruders a real scare.

The Advantages of AI-Powered Security Cameras over Traditional Security Cameras

AI Cameras

Security cameras were originally designed to make up for the shortfall of human efforts in monitoring a premises. They capture and record everything in the monitored space nonstop, without ever needing bathroom breaks or time off. However, traditional cameras still require human intervention in detecting and deterring crime. Thus they’ve still not gotten rid of the inefficiencies they were designed for.

AI cameras, however, drastically reduce the dependence on human judgment, making it possible for crimes to be detected and deterred even with very little human intervention. For instance, people detection cameras can detect when someone is trying to sneak up on a parking lot, and set then off the alarms and strobe lights, detecting and deterring the crime way before guards or staff on the building could do anything about it.

With an AI powered camera system, you’ll have different kinds of sensors everywhere picking up a variety of inputs and drawing quick, actionable conclusions to respond to events in good time. Nobody needs to be there checking on the camera feed at all times to make timely calls to put a stop to suspicious activities. The system takes action on its own to deter and stall crimes just as they’re unfolding.

AI camera features can also be combined with live monitoring to improve outcomes. It can help alert the surveillance personnel to signs of suspicious activities they’ve missed or aren’t yet aware of. This can help ensure that no sign of potential danger goes unnoticed.

What’s more, it enables you to power up the monitoring and deterrence capabilities of your security system at a fraction of the cost of traditional security systems with security guards.

Wrapping Up: AI Cameras are the Next Generation of Surveillance Camera Systems

AI cameras have the capacity to instantly identify a variety of objects from people to vehicles, animals, etc. High-tech sensors sprawled across the building are connected to an AI-powered processor which collects various kinds of inputs and takes action based on the outcomes reached from analyses. This has the capability to spot and deter crimes earlier on.

AI cameras can also be combined with access control to regulate the movement of people in and out of a building.

When notified by the AI cameras about unusual activities, property managers or security personnel can use the audio response system to tell off the assailants.

And you can get all of these security capabilities at a much lower cost compared to the cost of security guards.

At Aclarity, we can help you integrate all of these features to beef up your site’s security. We’ll offer recommendations based on your budget, type of monitored space, and other personal needs.

Book a free consultation today to get the best recommendations from our surveillance experts for your building’s security needs.

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