A.I Cameras Helping Cannabis Dispensaries Thrive



A.I cameras and dispensaries are now empowered to deal efficiently with security challenges while enhancing overall operational efficiency. A.I cameras are designed to plug the gaps in traditional surveillance systems. Providing analytical insights and a wealth of actionable data for security and a host of other aspects of your business.

Cannabis dispensaries walk a tight rope between regulatory compliance and security in their cannabis operations. From wispy patchwork of regulations to extreme exposure to theft and other malignant activities. Dispensaries often have a lot on their plate to deal with in securing their business.

Want to know A.I cameras trends driving the cannabis industry to greater heights? Facial recognition cameras guarding against insider and outsider thefts, object removal analytics making for better organized inventory, and a host of others? We’ve got you covered.

But first, here’s why all of this comes at a very crucial time.

A.I Cameras for Cannabis Dispensaries: A Saving Grace?

Opponents of legalization often pose that not much is yet known about the ramifications of full legalization. Depending on who you ask, it’s a bane or a blessing. The therapeutic benefits are increasingly coming to light, but a host of social vices associated with the drug is tainting optimism.

According to a Forbes article highlighting the quandary,

In Sonoma County, which is around 100 miles outside San Francisco, some officials are complaining that all of this legal weed business has done nothing for their community but spawn ‘home invasions, violent crimes, and robberies,’ according to a report from the Cloverdale Reveille.

It seems that bad mama jamas from the East Coast are traveling across the country with the sole intention of using the Golden State’s legal marijuana status to run a racket of extreme thievery. These types of crimes have become a common occurrence in the areas of Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Petaluma. The goal of these criminal organizations, the report reads, is to get their hands on marijuana, by any means necessary, and then transport it back to the east coast for sale on the black market.

Plus, the traditional banking industry frowns at weed money, with the drug’s banned status on the Federal level, and different patchwork of state legislations giving legal departments a hard time. Cannabis dispensaries often turn to alternative means to process and store money – oftentimes with increased exposure to theft.

With so much now at stake, A.I cameras could not have come at a better time for the industry. As dispensaries are increasingly relying on CCTV and other types of surveillance systems, AI cameras are helping them overcome the limitations of traditional systems. Businesses can now easily transition from passive to active monitoring, instilling a greater sense of security within the premises and even outside on the community as a whole.

Top 5 A.I Camera Trends in the Cannabis Industry

AI surveillance analytics tools are empowering dispensaries to deal with various aspects of their security and business operations. Here are some of the leading trends today.

1. Facial Recognition

Leading the trend is the all-essential facial recognition feature. Facial recognition lends itself to use from access control to deterring insider and outsider theft, age checks, and lots more. When customers walk up the front door of a dispensary, facial recognition cameras can run checks on them before they’re allowed in. If there are red flags like a hooded face, an obscured face, or an underage customer, the AI cameras notify management, set off the alarms, or deny entry to the customer.

Facial recognition AI cameras also provide vital clues to fast-track investigations into theft and other crimes on the premises.

2. Object Removal Analytics

Cannabis theft usually occurs during supplies and deliveries. Here, legal cannabis products are diverted to illicit markets and sold at marked up prices. With AI object removal analytics, the alarms can be sounded when an item is moved from a specific location without due authorization. That means, for instance, that after the final count of inventories, an alarm is triggered when there’s an unauthorized attempt to remove an item.

Object removal can also help in managing delicate, expensive items like condensed cannabis oil, which require careful handling. The alarms go off when an unauthorized person attempts to handle them.

3. Loitering Detection Analytics

AI can also detect loitering on your facility. Whether they’re employees or outsiders, AI cameras can detect when someone turns up where they’re not supposed to be. Specific zones can be defined along with the people who’re not supposed to be there.

And even in unrestricted places, AI cameras can help detect suspicious behavior such as when someone is hanging around the parking lot for too long. They’re also foolproof to false alarms – you won’t be woken in the middle of the night because someone forgot a towering flower vase in your parking lot.

4. Vehicle Analytics


Another crucial feature that helps detect, deter, and resolve crimes is the license plate analytics. Every car that pulls up in front of your property has their license plates recorded along with time and date stamps. This can offer investigators vital clues about crimes on the scene.

There’s also the stopped vehicle analytics, which notifies you the moment a vehicle pulls up on your property at odd times. For instance, if a vehicle parks in front of your dispensary at 3 in the morning – definitely not when you’d be expecting deliveries or employees – you’ll get notified instantly.

More Efficient Storage for Footage

Some legal states require dispensaries to keep 24/7 surveillance footage of their premises for at least a month. That usually gives rise to the need for humongous storage space, but AI camera systems can significantly minimize your storage needs.

The Region of Interest (ROI) compression feature enables you to focus your video on scenes that matter the most for compliance, enabling you to cut out a significant part of your footage without risking noncompliance.

AI Cameras Becoming Indispensable to Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries face a wider set of security challenges compared to other types of businesses. However, AI cameras offer capabilities that overcome the limits of traditional systems. They can help in many different aspects of your business, increasing the overall efficiency of your cannabis operations.

AI cameras are also cost-effective, helping businesses save up significantly on the cost of hiring guards and other personnel, while delivering highly effective, reliable detection and deterrence solutions.

You can count on our expertise to deploy AI cameras effectively in your business. Seasoned surveillance experts at Aclarity are always happy to help you beef up your surveillance systems with the latest tools and tips.

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