About Aclarity Systems

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Who we are

Aclarity Systems is a San Francisco IT company offering live video guarding solutions along with armed security patrol (through the SF Patrol Special). This combination results in increased security as well as cost savings up to 75% less than a traditional security guard. Throughout the years, our services have provided strong protection to the clients. 


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The core team conceived a system that would utilize inexpensive security cameras with mobile guards and smart video algorithms sending true alerts directly to the patrol. Aclarity Systems, LLC is proud to save customer’s millions of dollars over the year while protecting homes, offices, construction sites, and other critical infrastructure areas.

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Team of Experts

We have a team of experts who are working 24 hours to safeguard your property from any kind of intrusion and burglars.  Aclarity Systems is specialized in live video guarding at real estate sites, residential areas, apartment buildings, and areas where it’s difficult to guard and burglars take advantage of. 

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