Advantages that Give Remote Monitoring an Edge over Traditional Video Surveillance

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring systems provide you with well-rounded, round-the-clock protection. You can rest assured that well-trained sets of eyes are always looking across every nook and cranny of your building in search of any signs of abnormalities. Every challenge gets a quick response, with the monitoring team working in collaboration with response team.


Besides live video surveillance is an excellent tenacity. Remote monitoring is also highly versatile, suitable for just about all kinds of properties, from apartment complexes to commercial buildings, construction sites, and everything in between.


That’s not all to remote monitoring. Take a closer look at other important advantages but before that let’s take a look under the hood of live video surveillance


If you’re wondering “why is remote monitoring a better security option for my organization?


You’ll have no doubt in mind about its advantages when you know exactly how remote monitoring system works.

How Do Remote Video Surveillance Systems Work?

Live video service

Remote monitoring station where it is fed through a state-of-the-art server equipped with an AI and advanced video analytical algorithm to do the initial step of processing the video. After the server has done its job, it will then be reviewed by a team of video surveillance experts for validate the alert for response.


An excellent remote outdoor security surveillance system is usually made up of:

CCTV camera systems:

The best outdoor cameras mounted by surveillance experts at strategic points around the building.

Routing technology:

To transmit live video feed from the CCTV cameras for analysis and remove viewing.

Experienced security professionals:

Who monitor and analyze the videos.

Video analytics:

Software constantly analyzing the video feed using algorithms that spot signs of suspicious activities.

An alarm system:

The video system also integrates an alarm that alerts the monitoring team to any potential threats. The alarm can be activated by signals from infrared sensors or video analytics software.


When the alarm goes off or an expert notices something, the team will first try alerting the caretakers, keyholders, anyone responsible for security on the site. In some cases, the video system is integrated with an audio system that the surveillance team can use to talk directly with intruders to ward them off.

The team will also dispatch trained but unarmed guards to the scene immediately. And with the situation monitored in real-time, the team can coordinate better with other emergency services and law enforcement to get the situation under control.


The Advantages of Remote Monitoring

Live video monitoring

Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages you can enjoy with remote video monitoring:

Minimized Security Cost:

With remote monitoring, you can outsource your property’s security to security experts at a lower cost compared to placing guards on your payroll. You’ll get to pay a flat fee rather than shouldering the cost of running and maintaining various components of a security system, from cameras to sensors and on-site patrol.

Round-the-Clock Protection

Different members of a monitoring team take turns to watch the video feed, ensuring trained eyes are constantly on the lookout for your security. The experts also work with video analytics technology that spot signs which the experts may miss. As such, you can rest assured that your construction site is always well-protected, including during weekends and holidays.

Proactive Monitoring

You can always rest assured that any situation will be dealt with promptly. The remote monitoring team works closely with other emergency services, providing them with real-time assessment of the situation on the ground to facilitate a quicker response. This proactive approach boosts the possibility of catching criminals in the act or investigating crimes successfully.

Preventing False Alarms

Part of the reasons why emergency services may be slow to respond is the checks they put in place against false alarms. They may waste valuable time asking for the identity of the victims and details of the crime scene. Remote monitoring services do all the fact-checking for law enforcement, providing them with authentic, actionable information that enables swift response. The team shares live video feed as well as recorded videos and other intel to help quickly resolve the situation.

Enhanced Convenience

With remote monitoring, you enjoy less work and more freedom. Your responsibility may probably only be housing a guard or two. The remote monitoring team takes care of everything else, from ensuring every inch is covered by cameras around the clock to responding to threats with audio warnings and collaborating with law enforcement.

That means that at a much lesser cost, you can have professionals handle all your construction surveillance needs from start to finish.

Enhanced Flexibility

To enjoy robust security over the long run, it’s important to choose security features that are flexible and scalable. You’ll easily be able to modify your video coverage as the need arises.

Since you can monitor several cameras in various locations from a single portal, covering new grounds can be as easy as installing new CCTV cameras.

Enhanced Site Management

Remote video monitoring not only helps forestall and resolve crimes, it also helps enhance the efficiency of site management. It helps site managers lookout for unethical behaviour in workers, and building managers to deter and penalize ground-rule offenders like drivers who break parking rules.

Enjoy Greater Security with Less Work with Remote Monitoring

Rather than going through the hassle of housing many guards and setting up a surveillance system with a constantly manned viewing room, you can let a team of remote surveillance experts like Aclarity run your security measures for you with little or no effort on your part. You’ll enjoy video coverage at vulnerable entry ways of your property, with a quick response mechanism that nibs any situation before it gets out of hand.

Besides providing protection, we also simplify the job of site managers and building managers. We’ll help you monitor and forestall offenders of ground rules, and to also identify and resolve faults and damages in any part of the building before they deteriorate into more complex problems.


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