Apartment Complex Monitoring – Different Cameras for Different Security Goals

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Apartment complex monitoring is non-negotiable for landlords today due to the upsurge in pilfering and destruction of properties within apartment premises.

Residential rental apartment complexes are always looking for new tenants/residents. With the high turnover rate, theft and vandalism are almost certain to occur. Having a well-established apartment building security system on ground for remote monitoring can alleviate these concerns.

In this article, you will learn about the different surveillance cameras you can install in your apartment complex for different security reasons.

Why Apartment Complexes Need Surveillance Cameras

Many considerations necessitate the installation of video surveillance cameras for apartment complex monitoring. Below are some of the benefits embedded in investing in real-time monitoring of your apartment complex-

-Keep Track of Illegal Behavior and Actions

Different types of criminal activity can occur on an apartment complex’s premises. Police may require proof from your past footage in the case of a crime. The same applies if it’s needed by one of your tenants for a legal case they may have initiated or involved in.

You can protect yourself and your tenants by giving video proof of unlawful activity, facilitating getting paid for anything stolen, destroyed, and worse occurrences.

-Confers Sense of Protection

Renters in your apartment complex will feel safer knowing you have an apartment building security system in place for them. You can safeguard them and their possessions by providing them with surveillance footage whenever necessary.

Furthermore, you will secure your property by providing police with proof of any criminal activity that may have taken place. An effective surveillance system makes it easy to gather proof of criminal activity.

-Improves the Quality of Life

Having surveillance cameras installed around your apartment complex makes tenants feel more secure about renting from you since they know the complex is being watched. Because they sense you care about their well-being, they have a more comfortable stay at your apartment.

It’s important for tenants to feel at ease with their landlord. Their safety is ensured by the presence of on-site security cameras, which let them know that any criminal action will be caught on tape. Hence, they can have peace of mind and enjoy their lives.

Different Types of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are currently available in a wide range of models, so there are different options to choose from. Hence, choosing the right combination of surveillance camera for monitoring your apartment complex might be challenging.

We’ve outlined some of the best styles, designs, and features of the best six (6) surveillance cameras (in descending order) for your apartment complex. Check them out below:

  1. Aclarity 4G Camera

The Aclarity 4G camera is our number 1 pick. This camera is perfect because it comes with a solar-powered box and built-in 4G connection that enables 24/7 video coverage of your apartment complex even in the absence of power or internet. Thus, it’s ideal for apartment complexes in local, remote, or off-grid locations.

But that’s not all! The Alacrity camera is simple to install and move around to suit the demands of the apartment complex. There is no need for extra wiring when using solar to ensure up to 12 hours of uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

  1. Thermal Image Cameras/Infrared Cameras

This is one of the top 24-hour surveillance cameras in the industry that provides apartment complexes with around the clock quality footage. Small LEDs around the lens of this infrared camera enable it to detect moving objects in complete darkness.

Also, this thermal imaging camera can bypass countless visible obstacles in a bid to monitor great distances up to 300 meters away.

  1. PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) Camera

Panning, tilting, and zooming are all possible with PTZ cameras because of the camera’s ability to move up and down as well as left and right. This camera also has an X36 optical magnification and a night vision range of 200 meters.

Furthermore, faces can be clearly discerned thanks to the camera’s high-quality images. Live occurrences can also be recorded to assist security personnel in their duties.

  1. Day/Night Camera

Day/Night cameras are able to capture crystal-clear video footage in any lighting conditions, be it day or night. They are able to do these thanks in large part to their high-resolution cameras.

Consequently, the Day/Night cameras are great for outdoor surveillance, especially in situations where IR cameras can’t work effectively. In addition, this camera is capable of different forms of image capturing, including color as well as black-and-white. An infrared option is also available, as is a broad range of camera sizes.

The camera is able to work even when there is glare, direct sun rays, reflections, or not enough light. Furthermore, its casing shields the camera from harsh weather conditions for continued effective monitoring.

  1. Bullet Camera

Bullet camera’s elongated, cylindrical design makes it excellent for outdoor usage. However, long-distance monitoring applications are where it excels the most. The camera is sheltered from dirt, dust particles, and other forces of nature because it is placed in a protective casing.

Depending on the application, the camera can be installed with a mounting bracket and equipped with either permanent or varifocal lens. Its small size makes it easier to install, and its high-quality image resolution makes it ideal for surveillance. Infrared night vision is also included in this camera.

  1. Dome Surveillance Cameras

This is one of the best security camera systems for apartment building out there. It is mounted on a dome-shaped enclosure, hence the name.

Even though this surveillance camera keeps a low profile, it is an effective deterrent to crooks since the dome enclosure obscures the direction in which the camera is pointed. As a result, it creates an air of doubt for prospective looters and criminals approaching from any angle.

In addition, its minimalist design makes it stress-free to install. The camera’s vandal-resistant dome makes it very hard for someone to tamper with it. The dome cameras can also turn 360 degrees, so you can see everything from every angle.


Remote apartment complex monitoring systems using a variety of surveillance cameras are the best option for keeping visitors and renters safe at all times, as well as achieving any other desired security goal.

A reputable video monitoring company should handle the installation of the best security system for your apartment buildings. So, why not hire one now and safeguard your apartment complex?


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