How to choose the right security surveillance company in San Francisco for your construction site

The right security surveillance company can be the first line of defence against losses and delays resulting from thefts and vandalism on your construction site. Unlike securing most other types of buildings, construction security can be fraught with many loose ends. Valuables are left in the open, with heavy traffic of people coming and leaving for various purposes, and the premises is deserted after working hours.


A comprehensive, highly optimized surveillance service is needed to give your construction site reliable protection.


To choose the best security surveillance company for your construction site, first, you need self-evaluation. You need to examine your site’s unique security needs and then use that as criteria for finding a security firm that’s a good fit.


Once you’ve clearly articulated your needs, you can use the following tips to narrow down your list of candidates.


The security surveillance company that you are hiring have any history of working on a site similar to yours?

The first criterion you should consider is their familiarity with construction sites like yours. Some companies are mostly into high-rise construction sites, while others may be more experienced with civil construction sites like roads and other public facilities.

The more experience a company has with construction sites similar to yours, the more likely it is that they’ll understand and cater to your unique needs.


Are they familiar with your neighborhood?

A security surveillance company with close bases in San Francisco will most likely be better-suited for your construction site than a company that has no operational base around the city or state. With the former, you’ll be working with surveillance experts that are well-aware of the unique challenges in your neighborhood.

A security surveillance company in San Francisco that’s familiar with your neighbourhood will be better-placed to provide quicker responses and reinforcements during emergencies and forestall any threat that’s common in your neighborhood.


Do they have a solid reputation?

It’s difficult to assess a surveillance firm that doesn’t have a strong web presence. You need to choose a company that has a solid reputation online, with good reviews and ratings. What are other customers saying about their services? One or two bad reviews do not necessarily spell doom, but several bad reviews are a huge red flag.

If possible, ask their current and former employees about their experiences with the company. You don’t need to ask directly – just talk about the company in general and watch their tone and body language as they’re responding.

live video surveillance

Are they responsive to your unique needs?

You need to work with a surveillance company in San Francisco that has a simple channel of communication and provides quick responses to your queries. The company should be able to accommodate your unique needs with flexible service delivery that easily adapts to required changes.

If it’s difficult to reach their decision-makers or they take quite long to respond to your queries, you’ll most likely have a difficult working relationship with them going forward.

What are their threat detection methods?

An effective detection system can help you prevent threats and avoid the hassles of investigating a crime on your site. An ideal construction site surveillance firm should provide you with outdoor video surveillance systems, intruder detection systems etc.

What are Their Deterrence Methods?

Your surveillance firm should have effective plans in place to nib any threat detected on the site before the damage is done. In some instances, the visible presence of heightened security might be enough – unclimbable perimeter fences, flush lights, heavy locks on access points, the best outdoor cameras, etc. However, your surveillance company should also be able to act quickly to prevent anyone attempting to break in.

Aclarity provides remote activated alarms system to ward off threat actors caught on camera.

What are their methods of response?

The method of response is very critical to the efficiency of a surveillance firm. Ideally, your surveillance firm should be able to collaborate effectively with first responders to deal with any threat on the site. They should also be able to quickly provide law enforcement and other emergency services with live outdoor security surveillance feeds and other important information to help arrest a situation.


How much do they charge?

The last but by no means the least important factor is the cost of their service. Your ideal security firm should be able to provide you with all the security measures you need at a cost-effective rate.

When assessing the cost, it’s always important to do your due diligence to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. You’d want to ensure that the final quote captures every billable item.


Summing Up

When choosing a surveillance firm for your construction site security, you need to ensure that they have a firm understanding of the unique security needs of your construction site and its neighborhood.

At Aclarity, we not only meet these construction surveillance requirements, but we also have a solid reputation for providing responsive, satisfactory customer care.

We’ll protect your construction site with a well-rounded surveillance system, providing effective measures for detecting and deterring threats, as well as a rapid response mechanism for collaborating with emergency services to bring dangerous situations under control.

What’s more, we deliver all these benefits at a highly competitive price.

Contact us to us today and let our surveillance experts offer the best recommendations for your construction site’s security.


How outdoor security surveillance system upgrade can pay off in spades over the long run

Outdoor Security Surveillance System Upgrade.

You’re probably aware of the frenzy surrounding the advent of 4K cameras and other high-tech surveillance technologies. You’ve probably been considering upgrading your analog surveillance systems, but you need to make decisions financial-wise and not fad-wise.

Most of the benefits of upgrading an outdoor video security system revolve around greater security through enhanced features, but many can have positive impacts on your bottom line over the long run.

An outdoor security systems upgrade can help you reduce operational costs, boost morale and confidence, and enhance productivity around the surveilled premises.

So What is a Digital Surveillance System?

Simply put, a digital surveillance system comprises components that enable the collection and storage of security information in compressible digital formats that can easily be shared over a digital network. By digitalizing everything, a digital surveillance system eliminates the need for several physical moving parts, while enabling remote control and monitoring as well as easy scalability.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the economic advantages of upgrading your surveillance system.

Economic Advantages of Digital Surveillance System

Reduced Costs

With the digital surveillance market currently booming, the availability of technical support and hardware for older security systems is waning. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain older security systems. And as legacy systems age, they develop faults more frequently.

However, digital surveillance equipment are fast-becoming the mainstay of the market, and their overall costs keep declining by the day due to increasing competition. 

Also, compared to analog systems, digital surveillance equipment save you the cost of installing and maintaining numerous components like wiring and manual file storage.

What’s more, digital surveillance systems can also help reduce your insurance premiums and deductible due to their high-performance and low-maintenance design – advantages that’ll easily get insurance managers nodding in approval to lower deductions.


Enhanced Appeal

Just about anyone who’s security-conscious likes more secure spaces. Upgrading your technology promotes the image and appeal of your premises, attracting better visitors, employees, clients, or tenants.

Besides the perception of heightened construction security, digital surveillance systems also promote convenience and ease of accessibility. They make security checks take place faster, smoother, and with less effort. For instance, digital attendance log sensors can keep logs of people entering and exiting the building using the information on their key cards without people needing to line up in queues to sign a time book.

All these advantages can contribute to high morale and boost productivity in your building.


Easier Storage and Retrieval Processes

With videotapes in analog surveillance systems, it takes copious hours of manual review to investigate incidences in the building. In some cases, poor image quality further complicates the work. It gets worse if we’re talking about a situation that unfolded over weeks or even months. By upgrading your outdoor video surveillance system, you can save the cost of countless hours of manual review, with features and integrations that help you dial in to crucial moments in lengthy video clips.

Also, with digital recording, you don’t need to use the fast/rewind functions to navigate to any part of a video clip – simply key in the exact time you want to view and the playback shows it instantly.


Easy Compliance with Retention Requirements

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be obliged to comply with certain video surveillance standards in your building. For instance, cannabis producers and distributors in legal states like California are obliged to comply with stipulated outdoor surveillance standards.

  • In some instances, information retention requirements are set so high, it can be quite costly to comply with them using analog surveillance systems. But with the versatility and greater capabilities of digital surveillance systems, you can significantly reduce the human and financial cost of complying with these requirements.


More Capabilities at Lower Running Costs


Surveillance system

Digital surveillance systems incorporate myriads of features that can’t be found in analog systems. From access control to attendance logs, facial recognition, and cloud syncing, these features simplify and promote various aspects of a building’s security.

More advanced systems incorporate on-board analytics, optical zoom lenses, and advanced signal processing.

What’s more, most of these features can be controlled remotely, making them even more expedient. For instance, you can monitor the movements and activities of your workers on your smart device while you’re away from your construction site. A remote monitoring team can use a digital audio system to tell off intruders and ground-rule offenders caught on camera.

Easy Scalability

With just a little effort, you can incorporate more features and coverage areas into digital outdoor surveillance systems. But with analog systems, you might need to drill walls and run long lengths of cabling to scale up your surveillance system.

Also, with the enhanced optical capabilities of digital cameras, you can cover a wider area with a single camera rather than installing multiple analog cameras. As such, you can easily expand your system at a much lower cost without risking quality issues or technical difficulties.

Advanced Integrations

Digital surveillance systems also simplify the deployment of third-party integrations for various purposes. You can easily integrate analytics programs to further cut down on human costs required to monitor, record, store, and retrieve data. Other important integrations include time management and access control integrations for managing workers, motion detection programs, and alarm systems.

The Bottom Line

While its greater surveillance capabilities are a huge selling point, perhaps the most important factor driving the increasing demand for digital surveillance systems across the board is its cost-effectiveness. Outdated outdoor security surveillance systems may become increasingly problematic as they age further, needing more human and financial resources to remain operable. Any fault can leave a part of your building seriously vulnerable.

At Aclarity, we can help you upgrade your security system to significantly minimize your costs of security over the long run. We’ll use top-notch construction site security features that comply with high building surveillance standards without blowing your budget.

Our digital surveillance systems provide greater capabilities with fewer moving parts. You can cover wider areas effectively with fewer cameras and less wire clutter.

It’s also quite easy to scale up our digital surveillance system and integrate new features and applications compared to an analog system. With our digital surveillance system, you can simplify the management of various aspects of your site’s security through centralized control.

Reach out to us today and let’s help you plan and roll out an upgrade of your surveillance system.

Advantages that Give Remote Monitoring an Edge over Traditional Video Surveillance

Remote monitoring systems provide you with well-rounded, round-the-clock protection. You can rest assured that well-trained sets of eyes are always looking across every nook and cranny of your building in search of any signs of abnormalities. Every challenge gets a quick response, with the monitoring team working in collaboration with response team.


Besides live video surveillance is an excellent tenacity. Remote monitoring is also highly versatile, suitable for just about all kinds of properties, from apartment complexes to commercial buildings, construction sites, and everything in between.


That’s not all to remote monitoring. Take a closer look at other important advantages but before that let’s take a look under the hood of live video surveillance


If you’re wondering “why is remote monitoring a better security option for my organization?


You’ll have no doubt in mind about its advantages when you know exactly how remote monitoring system works.

How Do Remote Video Surveillance Systems Work?

Live video service

Remote monitoring station where it is fed through a state-of-the-art server equipped with an AI and advanced video analytical algorithm to do the initial step of processing the video. After the server has done its job, it will then be reviewed by a team of video surveillance experts for validate the alert for response.


An excellent remote outdoor security surveillance system is usually made up of:

CCTV camera systems:

The best outdoor cameras mounted by surveillance experts at strategic points around the building.

Routing technology:

To transmit live video feed from the CCTV cameras for analysis and remove viewing.

Experienced security professionals:

Who monitor and analyze the videos.

Video analytics:

Software constantly analyzing the video feed using algorithms that spot signs of suspicious activities.

An alarm system:

The video system also integrates an alarm that alerts the monitoring team to any potential threats. The alarm can be activated by signals from infrared sensors or video analytics software.


When the alarm goes off or an expert notices something, the team will first try alerting the caretakers, keyholders, anyone responsible for security on the site. In some cases, the video system is integrated with an audio system that the surveillance team can use to talk directly with intruders to ward them off.

The team will also dispatch trained but unarmed guards to the scene immediately. And with the situation monitored in real-time, the team can coordinate better with other emergency services and law enforcement to get the situation under control.


The Advantages of Remote Monitoring

Live video monitoring

Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages you can enjoy with remote video monitoring:

Minimized Security Cost:

With remote monitoring, you can outsource your property’s security to security experts at a lower cost compared to placing guards on your payroll. You’ll get to pay a flat fee rather than shouldering the cost of running and maintaining various components of a security system, from cameras to sensors and on-site patrol.

Round-the-Clock Protection

Different members of a monitoring team take turns to watch the video feed, ensuring trained eyes are constantly on the lookout for your security. The experts also work with video analytics technology that spot signs which the experts may miss. As such, you can rest assured that your construction site is always well-protected, including during weekends and holidays.

Proactive Monitoring

You can always rest assured that any situation will be dealt with promptly. The remote monitoring team works closely with other emergency services, providing them with real-time assessment of the situation on the ground to facilitate a quicker response. This proactive approach boosts the possibility of catching criminals in the act or investigating crimes successfully.

Preventing False Alarms

Part of the reasons why emergency services may be slow to respond is the checks they put in place against false alarms. They may waste valuable time asking for the identity of the victims and details of the crime scene. Remote monitoring services do all the fact-checking for law enforcement, providing them with authentic, actionable information that enables swift response. The team shares live video feed as well as recorded videos and other intel to help quickly resolve the situation.

Enhanced Convenience

With remote monitoring, you enjoy less work and more freedom. Your responsibility may probably only be housing a guard or two. The remote monitoring team takes care of everything else, from ensuring every inch is covered by cameras around the clock to responding to threats with audio warnings and collaborating with law enforcement.

That means that at a much lesser cost, you can have professionals handle all your construction surveillance needs from start to finish.

Enhanced Flexibility

To enjoy robust security over the long run, it’s important to choose security features that are flexible and scalable. You’ll easily be able to modify your video coverage as the need arises.

Since you can monitor several cameras in various locations from a single portal, covering new grounds can be as easy as installing new CCTV cameras.

Enhanced Site Management

Remote video monitoring not only helps forestall and resolve crimes, it also helps enhance the efficiency of site management. It helps site managers lookout for unethical behaviour in workers, and building managers to deter and penalize ground-rule offenders like drivers who break parking rules.

Enjoy Greater Security with Less Work with Remote Monitoring

Rather than going through the hassle of housing many guards and setting up a surveillance system with a constantly manned viewing room, you can let a team of remote surveillance experts like Aclarity run your security measures for you with little or no effort on your part. You’ll enjoy video coverage at vulnerable entry ways of your property, with a quick response mechanism that nibs any situation before it gets out of hand.

Besides providing protection, we also simplify the job of site managers and building managers. We’ll help you monitor and forestall offenders of ground rules, and to also identify and resolve faults and damages in any part of the building before they deteriorate into more complex problems.


Simple Yet Effective Apartment Building Security Tips to Keep Intruders At Bay

Burgling at apartment building  is one of the most lucrative types of burglary. Criminals make away with about $2,000 on average on every successful attempt, according to an FBI report. No wonder the report also shows that nearly 2 out of 3 burglaries target residential properties. But on the other hand, robust apartment building security  can pay off in spades, boosting the building’s appeal and raising its market value. With apartments 85% more likely to be burglarized than other types of rentals, you can make your apartment more attractive to better tenants by instilling a strong sense of security in the premises with top-notch security features such as outdoor security systems.

Suspicious couple trying to get into apartment complex

Apartment building security

We’ve put together this guide to help you beef up your apartment building security with simple yet highly effective security features.

Replace your locks​

You can always stay a step ahead of burglars by replacing the door locks and window locks in your apartment building every once in a while.

Rekey or replace the door locks once a tenant moves out to make the incoming tenant feel safer. If you’re running short of cash, you can ask the incoming tenant to change their locks. If you’re using electronic locks, change the passcodes to the main entrances of the apartment and the general entrances once a tenant moves out.

Additionally, you should ensure that the entrance doors have other security features such as peepholes and a secondary lock like a rugged double-cylinder deadbolt or a mortise lock.

Most home intruders gain entry through windows, so you need to guard against this by installing sturdy locks and burglar proofing on every apartment window, especially those closer to the ground floor.


Upgrade your exterior lighting

Good outdoor lighting is one of the most effective deterrents against burglars and intruders. The greater the illumination, the lesser the possibility of burglars getting away unnoticed.

To improve your apartment security, you should upgrade your lighting to make sure every inch of your apartment’s vicinity is well lit – not just the walkways and parking areas. Make sure every lighting point is switched on at night. Replace dead bulbs and fix faults promptly.

With the environment well-lit, intruders will always be afraid that someone will spot them if they come around. If you can’t arrange for someone to always turn the lights on and off, you can leave the lights on permanently or you can opt for smart lightings with timers that turn them on and off automatically during and after nightfall. You can also opt for those with remote monitoring functions that enable you to control them from your phone.

Another outdoor lighting upgrade you should consider is motion-sensing lighting. With this option, you’ll be alerted to the instance anyone walks inside your compound.


Upgrade your security surveillance system

With a video surveillance system, you can deter criminals, catch them in the act, and also obtain evidence for investigation into crimes in your apartment.

You need to have a reliable camera system in your apartment’s building to access these benefits.

If you have one that isn’t fully operational, you need to upgrade it.

Apartment building security

Tips to consider when upgrading your live video surveillance systems

Opt for Solar powered mobile units

Modern solar powered surveillance cameras come with many advantages over the wired CCTV cameras, especially in terms of costs and convenience. They help you avoid the extra expenses of running cable networks, though you might need a cost-effective bandwidth plan for the Wi-Fi connection. They’re also much easier to install.


Choose day/night cameras

Day/night cameras enable you to run 24/7/surveillance without using two different cameras for day and night time. A single day/night camera is cheaper and easier to maintain than two different cameras.


Use static cameras in some places

You don’t need to use pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras in every point. You can use static cameras, which are cheaper, in places where you can have a clear view of the visual field without the need to turn or tilt the cameras. You can position the static cameras in angles that complement each other’s views to eliminate the need to move a camera around.


Upgrade your footage storage

You should also make sure your footages are stored properly. Modern storage methods like Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are much more cost-effective and efficient than older systems like those based on VHS. IP-based storages are currently the best, with footages from weeks and months  all stored on cloud and no need to install and maintain on-premises facilities.


Set up alarm systems

If you don’t have eyes constantly on the camera feed, you should opt for an intruder alarm system that alerts you to any suspicious movements. Here are some tips to consider when installing an intruder alarm system:


Connect them to other security features:

You can connect the alarm to your lighting. Any intruder will turn tails and flee once the light comes on and the alarm goes off. You can also connect the alarm system to third-party companies that’ll monitor and respond to the alarm signals.



These apartment surveillance security tips will help you keep burglars and intruders at bay and also help the authorities apprehend anyone who commits a crime in your apartment complex. You need to ensure that your first line of defense – the doors and windows – are tightly secured. Proper outdoor lighting will make it harder for vandals to get away. Security cameras and alarm systems will help you remain alerted to any suspicious activities in the apartment.


Consult Aclarity system’s today to get free quote for the best outdoor camera systems surveillance, the best places to position them, and how best to manage them.


How Construction Sites Surveillance Safeguards Work-In-Progress

With so many valuables lying in the open, construction sites are an easy target for criminals. It’s no wonder security threats are one of the biggest challenges at construction sites. To neutralize these threats, construction security surveillance needs to be planned and implemented as meticulously as just about any other part of your construction project. This can help you avoid financial loss and litigation expenses and can even boost employee morale.

Outdoor video security systems provide evidence for investigations into criminal activities on construction sites, enables enforcement of ground rules, and ultimately give you peace of mind over the safety and security of your construction site.


Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the advantages of setting up construction surveillance.


The Advantages of Construction Security Surveillance

Deterrence against Criminals

With visible security measures like on site surveillance systems, you can send a strong message warding off criminals, showing them that your site isn’t an easy target. Statistics show that the visible presence of a surveillance system significantly reduces the likelihood of theft or violence on a site. It can also deter potential offenders from breaking ground rules – especially if the surveillance system is integrated with an audio warning system that warns intruders or trespassers before they go move into restricted areas.

Support for other Security Measures

On-site surveillance can also complement the effectiveness of other security measures on the site such as access control, fire detection, parking rules, and lighting.

With the surveillance system, you can ensure that all entrants are properly identified and recorded. If a fire alarm goes off, it’ll be easier to identify the exact part of the building under fire for a quicker response. Coupled with an audio warning system, the surveillance system allows you to warn intruders and people breaking parking rules before they commit the offense. It also makes it easier to identify where facilities such as lighting and intruder detection system have become faulty.

Enhanced Perception

Everyone – not just the site owners and managers – can benefit from the peace of mind in the knowledge of heightened security which the site surveillance system provides. On-site workers can work with greater confidence knowing that their progress on the site will not be undone by acts of vandalism and theft. Company workers, in general, can rest assured that the company is protected from any physical threats on the construction site that might damage their reputation or cause heavy financial loss. 

Protection Against Litigation Claims

You can avoid litigation expenses with indisputable evidence from on-site camera footage. With security cameras recording footages 24/7, you can make it virtually impossible for anyone to make claims against you either with disputable facts or fabricated evidence. As such, incidences of harassment or accidents can be easily resolved with video evidence.

Quick Response to Threats

One of the biggest advantages of construction site surveillance is the ability to capture criminals in the act on your site. As such, you can always report live situations on time for an immediate response from on-site guards or emergency services.

Evidence for Investigation

And in the case where no one is actually there to spot and report a criminal act while it was perpetuated, recorded footage can help provide cues for law enforcement to investigate and possibly apprehend the assailants. Some advanced surveillance systems can provide several other elements for video analytics besides visual feeds, including heat maps, facial recognition, and identification of abandoned items on the site.  


Tips for Managing Construction Site Surveillance

Construction site security

Here are some crucial tips that can help you access these benefits easily:

Choose the Right Type of Security Cams

A wide variety of security cams are available in the markets today, but each one is better suited to specific needs. First, you need to identify the unique security needs of your construction site and then determine what’s the best outdoor camera for you.

Some questions that’ll help you determine this include:

-Do you have a situation room that’s manned round the clock?

-Do you need to record the video feeds off working hours?

-Do you have an on-ground patrol team?

-Are you banking on remote monitoring and emergency services?

Ideally, you should have a remote video monitoring service that keeps an eye on the live feeds round the clock.

Set Up Employee Surveillance

While most of the security challenges may come from external threats, it’s important to be on the lookout for internal threats. With statistics showing that 25 -40% of employees engage in workplace theft, it’s not advisable to leave your site workers unchecked for most of the working hours.

Whether they’re disgruntled over their pay, frustrated with personal problems, or they’re just outright opportunists, you need to make sure that any site worker with the wrong mindset doesn’t make away with valuables on the site. Having them sign on to antitheft policies might not be a sufficient deterrent. Besides warning them about the dire consequences of stealing, you should also put measures in place such as surveillance systems to discourage them from planning such acts.

Set Up Mobile Video Feeds

Having access to a live construction security video feed on your phone can be a huge advantage. That way, you can view live or recorded video feeds of your construction anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You can check on work in progress, inventories and supplies, and a host of other activities on your site at your convenience.

Arrange for Video Surveillance Systems Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring services save you the hassles of setting up an on-site surveillance room that’s manned 24/7. At a relatively lower cost, a remote monitoring service can keep eyes on your video feeds around the clock. They can communicate directly with personnel on the site as well as emergency services to co-ordinate quick responses to threats.


At Aclarity services, we have all the equipment and facilities to provide well-rounded construction surveillance. Deterring criminals is what we do best, but we usually go above and beyond that. We’ll give you total peace of mind by creating a robust image of your site’s security, providing evidence against litigation claims, and complementing the efficiency of other security measures on your site.

Reach out to us today and let’s deliberate on your site’s security surveillance needs.