A.I cameras and dispensaries are now empowered to deal efficiently with security challenges while enhancing overall operational efficiency. A.I cameras are designed to plug the gaps in traditional surveillance systems. Providing analytical insights and a wealth of actionable data for security and a host of other aspects of your
Surveillance System
  Surveillance system can be roughly categorized into two groups – monitored and unmonitored. We’ll be exploring the differences between these two. To help you determine which type offers the best solution for your security needs. Knowing the difference can have a huge impact on how well your security system
AI Security Camera
A.I cameras and audio deterrent cameras are designed to address all these issues, providing top-notch security round the clock at a fraction of the cost of guards. Providing air-tight security in a busy, regularly occupied building requires a system that doesn’t miss a beat. Building owners can get to firm
Mobile Video Camera
  Mobile video surveillance system are increasingly gaining foothold in the surveillance industry. With the list of advantages increasing by the day. Here are reasons why they may be the best bet for your construction site’s security. Need a more flexible, scalable and economical surveillance system for your construction site?
  Apartment building security and safety of the occupants is one of the top priorities of a property manager. Apartment building security not only affects the safety of the occupants but other aspects like the attractiveness and market value of the property. However, with statistics showing that apartment buildings are

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