Apartment building security and safety of the occupants is one of the top priorities of a property manager. Apartment building security not only affects the safety of the occupants but other aspects like the attractiveness and market value of the property. However, with statistics showing that apartment buildings are
remote monitoring
Remote monitoring is an ultimate solution to your site security needs. A video surveillance system is also another reliable option, but it’s ineffective if there’s no one to monitor. It might end up costing quite a lot to man the surveillance room during off hours. A tight onsite security system
construction surveillance
  Construction surveillance system is the backbone of a robust site security. It’s imperative to always have your cameras running in optimal conditions to ensure tight levels of security on your site at all times. Any failure can lead to serious security gaps on your site. Every day, your construction
Construction site surveillance system can help site managers and jobsite professionals overcome other unique challenges on a job site while helping deter intruders, site theft, and vandalism. In fact, Construction site surveillance system could make a huge difference in the efficiency and pace of your building project. A McKinsey research
Construction site thefts are  hard to put a figure to the full cost.  Experts estimate between $300 million and $1 billion is lost every year. But in reality, the cost cannot be expressed in financial terms alone. The aftershock from theft can be catastrophic to entire communities, putting breadwinners out

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