Burglaries Happen – Invest in Robust Security Surveillance Camera System

Live video surveillance

The time has come for construction sites and commercial buildings to bid farewell to the grainy security surveillance camera. A decade ago, you may have been able to make a case in favor of analog cameras. Today, however, live security and surveillance camera system has become the new standard, whether its indoor or outdoor security surveillance.


Benefits of Live Video surveillance 

Businesses and homeowners continue to understand the benefits of consistent monitoring through live video surveillance. Implementing a robust security camera system has the power to thwart the onslaught of burglaries for construction sites.

Whether it’s a commercial space or residential space, burglaries are bound to happen. We may not have had the same tech advancements as a minority Report, but solar-powered and AI-based remote security camera systems continue to set new standards.

For instance, security surveillance system providers now offer specialized and active monitoring to construction sites, residential areas, and real estate locations where burglars are more likely to break in. Plus, there’s no rocket science to an inexpensive and remote security surveillance system. AI-based smart algorithms send alerts to nearby patrol that significantly minimizes the chances of burglary.


Caught: The Classic Burglary in the Action

These two Burglars were caught at a HOA site in San Francisco intruding in the property, immediate patrol was dispatched and they were caught in less than no time by Aclarity Systems Patrolling Team and SFPD.


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Theft Prevented at HOA site by Aclarity Systems

You may have a naïve and misguided perception about the violation of the property premises and how anyone could retort to such measures. The truth is most burglars have a felony record and plan their burglaries in advance.


In any case, the remote security surveillance camera system can pinpoint the physical movement of the burglars throughout the vicinity. Maybe a guard is unguarded and doesn’t know what exactly would be the right course of action.


As soon as the monitoring team sends these automated prompt alerts to nearby security patrol that responses to the trespassing alert without delay. It is imperative to understand the burglars usually don’t have anything personal. The motive is to steal as much equipment and items as possible. In fact, burglaries are opportunity crimes in most cases.


Trying to gain access by breaking into the package room.

A residential or commercial building might not have an issue for months and can encounter multiple burglaries a few days apart. It may not be fair, but it is what it is, and there is no sense to overthink about these actions.


Now, it all depends on the motion detection and monitoring features of the live security camera system. People who witness burglaries view it as a scene straight out of a reality TV show. As a result, people might freeze and may not have the correct response to deal with the burglars. The live security surveillance camera footage, however, is a sigh of relief for building management.


Detect, Deter and Uncover 

The perfect strategy of installing and implementing a live security surveillance camera system to avoid burglaries. With live security surveillance cameras, you’re just not caught off guard in fact, building or site personnel can keep an eye on every activity of the burglars until the arrival of  security patrol.

An alarm basically signals that something is about to happen. However, it’s the surveillance video that security patrol can use to catch the burglars. The live security surveillance camera system can take instant snapshots of each moment. Again, video footage never lies, and it takes professional security patrol to put two and two together about the whereabouts of the burglars.



Solar Powered Security Monitoring Cameras

The ideal solution for commercial, residential, and construction areas is to get a solar-powered security monitoring camera system. The system can work remotely through an internet connection. Furthermore, the installation and implementation of a remote solar-powered security system is an affordable and eco-friendly choice.

AI-based Secure Monitoring Cameras

Although AI will continue to evolve in the coming years, the current state of AI-based security cameras is ready to revolutionize surveillance and monitoring. With an AI-based remote security camera surveillance system, you can assign intelligent alerts and automatic motion detection. Ideally, an AI-based combination works better with multiple camera system.

What Can You Expect from Solar Powered and AI-based Security Surveillance Camera?

Complete Remote Monitoring

It is arguably the most advantageous aspect of the live security surveillance camera system. The integration of multiple live tools assists construction sites and homeowners to receive surveillance video feedback in real-time. In fact, security officers can access the archived footage from multiple devices at once and review the relevance of the footage on-site.

Better Management and Upgrade Options

Upgradability is one of the hallmarks of the live security surveillance camera system. Once the on-site installation is complete, security administrators can optimize and manage the data effortlessly.


Installing a robust security surveillance camera system heightens the overall awareness of the local surroundings. Furthermore, the mere presence of an unreachable security surveillance camera system can discourage burglars from entering a construction site or residential building. In retrospect, implementation of a live security surveillance camera system works in favor of police authorities, industry stakeholders, government officials, and the local community.

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