Construction Site Security Challenges [Leading to ~$1B in Annual Losses]

21% of construction sites experience a theft on a weekly basis. That statistic is truly daunting, especially when the project doesn’t have access to utilities, electricity, or even so much as a place to store machinery and tools

Today’s criminals are more sophisticated than ever. They know that your equipment costs are high, your ability to lock things in a tidy garage is nearly non-existent, and your supplies are in high demand on the black market. To combat the thieves, you need to address the challenges of construction site security from all angles.

Our recommendation? Include managed video surveillance in your security solution in order to protect the equipment, tools, and materials needed to keep your site productive.

Whether your job is building a new commercial building complex or is residential home construction, sometimes your project starts with just a piece of empty, undeveloped land. As a result, this can make construction site security extremely challenging. Not only do construction sites face the ever-present risk of stolen equipment and tools, but thieves also target items like appliances, copper wiring, and other electrical components

Because high-value tools, equipment, and wiring are often left outdoors, they can be vulnerable and exposed. Thieves know this, which is one of the reasons why they frequently target the construction industry. But even if the equipment and materials are secured inside a building, there is still a risk of a break-in – especially if there isn’t a constant presence on the property watching out for the potential risks. When your construction workers go home, and there isn’t a guard providing construction site security – this is when your job site is most vulnerable.

Less than 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered.

Sadly, the NER’s Equipment Theft Report states that less than 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered. In fact, vandalism and theft at job sites account for an estimated $1 billion in losses per year. Your construction business can’t afford to be lax when it comes to construction site security monitoring.

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Live video service and airtight patrol service act as an early deterrent and helps you stop the crime before it can do any damage to your assets or property.

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