Construction Site Surveillance System Can Help Engineers, Architects, Site Managers

Construction site surveillance system can help site managers and jobsite professionals overcome other unique challenges on a job site while helping deter intruders, site theft, and vandalism.

In fact, Construction site surveillance system could make a huge difference in the efficiency and pace of your building project. A McKinsey research shows that construction sites are often fraught with inefficiencies. Large development projects take 20% longer to complete on average and cost around 80% more than the original budget.

With surveillance footage, you can give your site management a firmer handle on things. It makes it more convenient to monitor site progress. To supervise resource consumption, carry out accounting and inventorying activities. It ensure compliance with high health and safety standards.

Let’s look closer at how these benefits can tally to give your jobsite professionals a massive productivity boost.

Inspecting Work In Progress

The first clear advantage of surveillance cameras for site management is the convenient means it provides for monitoring site progress. Site managers can only be in one place at a time, and there’s always a whole lot going on at any moment.

With a well rounded Construction site surveillance system, they can have eyes and ears everywhere. Seeing what everyone does or doesn’t do, and monitoring how resources are being used. Without having to crisscross the entire site multiple times per day.

Supervising Jobsite Professionals

Construction site surveillance

Construction site surveillance system  help you monitor jobsite workers more effectively by providing first-hand information. You don’t have to rely on foremen or delegates, who may give biased or inaccurate accounts of events. This can be highly advantageous especially in large projects, as the information gap could increase the larger number of foremen reporting to site manager. Surveillance cameras are thoroughly transparent – you see everything exactly as it happens. You can even monitor the foremen and professionals like architects, engineers, and technicians to ensure they execute their duties timely and effectively.

Surveillance footage also facilitates clearer communications. Rather than struggle with vague explanations, you can use live, vivid pictures while discussing worksite issues with site professionals.

Construction site surveillance system is also scalable – you can add as many new units to monitor new places and faces, with all the feeds streaming directly to your screen.

 Evaluating the Use of Materials

This is one of the most important areas of construction site monitoring where cameras shine through. With surveillance cameras, you can monitor material usage down to the last bit. Most of the increased cost of construction comes from seemingly imperceptible moments of inefficient material usage.

A little extra amount of cement in each block or an extra rod or two in the pillars and your inventories deplete significantly faster. Not to mention the materials your workers might be pilfering. And with many other things occupying the mind of a site manager, these inefficiencies and worksite theft can go unnoticed for quite a while, meanwhile expenses continue to mount beyond the set budget.

However, with well-placed surveillance cameras, you can stop inefficient material usages and worker theft dead in their tracks.

Monitoring for Health and Safety

Construction sites are notorious for their health and safety risks, witnessing some of the highest rates of workplace accidents. With debris and building materials strewn everywhere, construction sites are a hazardous place not just for the site workers, but for site visitors and neighboring residents. Site managers have a duty to keep everyone onsite and around the surroundings safe from construction site hazards.

Construction surveillance systems can help site managers ensure that everyone adheres to health and safety requirements on site. You can identify risky behaviors and intervene in a timely fashion to prevent accidents from happening. Most of the accidents result from falls from dangerous heights and improper use of machines and equipment. Surveillance footage allows you to spot when someone is trying to play smart or use dangerous tricks when handling equipment and tools.

And when accidents occur, surveillance footage can be reviewed to establish liability and identify measures to prevent any future occurrence.

Resolving Worksite Disputes

From miscommunications to skirmishes, maltreatments, and accidents, surveillance cameras can be key to resolving disputes on your jobsite. Rather than rely on witnesses or second-hand accounts, you’ll have clear, objective evidence to understand and deal with any issues on your site. If an incidence degenerates into litigation, you’ll have firm evidence to debunk fake injury claims or clear up misrepresentations to minimize the fines.

Communicating with Stakeholders and Investors

Construction site surveillance system can help site managers keep owners and stakeholders posted on site progress. Company executives, potential buyers, subcontractors, and suppliers can stay abreast with the development on site without having to come down to the site.

Watching through surveillance footage can be as good as inspecting in person. With clear visuals and viewing functionalities like zoom and rewind, shareholders can check out all the fine details of the project from a convenient location.

They can get regular updates conveniently, even if they want to monitor daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you’re pre-selling your development, your surveillance camera feed can be a high-value marketing asset. You can use it to drive organic traffic and engagement in your marketing strategy and also build trust and confidence in potential investors.

Give Your Site a Huge Boost with Surveillance Cameras

A construction site is usually a beehive. With a whole lot happening every time, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone and everything. But with a well rounded constructions surveillance system, site managers can stay on top of everything.

They can ensure that everyone is doing their part of the job well and that materials are being used efficiently. They can also prevent onsite accidents and disputes, ensuring everyone feels safe while dispensing their duties on site.

The cumulative benefits of all this can be a huge boost to productivity and efficiency in your construction site. At Aclarity, we help site owners and businesses harness the full benefits of construction site surveillance. We’ll help you put everything in place to ensure that you have the tightest, most efficient site management system on your site.

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