Does My Business Need a Smart Surveillance Security System?

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Smart surveillance systemIt is your duty as a business owner to take every precaution to protect your company and its assets. One of the most effective methods of achieving this is by setting up a smart  surveillance security system. Your company, no matter how big or small, needs protection – all personnel, products, clients, and the building itself inclusive. After all, you can’t make money if your assets are at risk.

Cameras used in modern video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly advanced. With many now incorporating computer like features like motion detection, remote monitoring, and mobile alerts. With the touch of a button, certain systems can even swiftly alert the authorities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the major reasons why a smart video surveillance system is essential for any business and why it should be a priority for yours.

Elements of a Video Surveillance System

When investing in smart surveillance security system for your business, it is beneficial to consider certain features that will address the actual problems you may encounter in your business. Listed below are some cutting-edge features worth considering.

  • Mask & temperature monitoring

Incorporating temperature and facial detection into a single screen can remove the need for a doorman, making contactless access more convenient. Depending on your business needs, you can set up alarms for mask detection and abnormally high temperatures using multi-factor authentication.

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  • Human sensor

When humans are detected, alarms may go off if they enter a certain area or the field of vision. Some alarms may be set to go off when a person enters or leaves a certain room.

  • Facial recognition

Want to identify individuals in a crowd or be alerted to intruders? Using facial recognition, an alarm may be activated if a face is identified in a certain location. Since it solely detects facial features, incidence of false alarms is reduced. Likewise, alarms may be set to go off based on a user-specified set of facial features or based on whether a person’s face is already in the system. In addition to capturing, identifying, and storing faces, facial recognition also allows for face-based searches during playback.

  • Vehicle sensor

In need of parking lot surveillance? Vandal-proof, weather-proof cameras that can identify moving automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles may be used to document all the events that really count. Sensors may be triggered and alarms set off at the entrance or exit of a parking lot, or if a vehicle is detected within the field of view. Adding a license plate recognition camera is another great approach towards improving automatic vehicle detection.

What are the Benefits of Having a Smart Surveillance Security System?

Smart surveillance system Setting up a smart surveillance security system has countless benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you need video surveillance for your business:

1.Saves you money on security costs

Do you employ security guards and pay them a salary? When, if ever, do you post guards at the facility, and how often do they patrol the premises? Smart security cameras can help you avoid the expense of security guards. Although a surveillance system won’t stop an issue while it’s happening, it can discourage potential troublemakers and make them think twice before causing trouble. It’s basically a preventive measure. Besides, prevention, they say, is better than cure!

3. It increases employee productivity

Security cameras have several uses, but one of the most important is that they can increase workers output. Though some workers put in long hours every day, others tend to coast through much of their shifts. Workers will be less willing to take chances if they know their actions are being monitored. They could even start putting in extra effort. As a result of their efforts, productivity in the workplace will rise.

3. Surveillance footage is conclusive evidence for injury claims

Society Insurance policyholders report that slips and fall injuries are their primary cause of liability (customer) and staff loss. Although many, if not most, claims are valid, certain claims filed by clients and even workers may be false. Chances of fraudulent claims are also reduced with the help of reliable video surveillance system. While doing your initial investigation of an event involving a video surveillance system, it is best practice to review the surveillance footage from the area where the incident took place.

4. Video surveillance system lessens rate of employee theft

One study found that annual theft by employees costs organizations between $20 billion and $50 billion. Quite a sum of money, indeed! And even though thefts at workplaces is still possible even when cameras are installed, the cameras make it much more difficult to pull it off successfully. When there are cameras installed strategically throughout a facility, it deters workers from stealing merchandise, money, and other supplies.

Also, with surveillance cameras installed throughout the premises, it is more challenging for workers to have colleagues clock them in and out of duty when they aren’t present. Finally, successful discouragement of theft on the part of both staff and clients will boost earnings.

5. Provides real-time surveillance for busy business owners

Most of today’s smart video surveillance security systems utilize internet connections to broadcast live video in real-time. This implies that with an internet-connected gadget. You can keep an eye on the live footage from your cameras from anywhere in the world at any time. As a result, business owners can rest easy when away from the office since they can keep tabs on crucial shipments or ongoing projects via remote access.


As a business owner, you must never put anything before the security of your workers, property, and reputation, especially in the current economic climate.

Your business’s exterior may be monitored with external cameras that record activities and sound an alarm if any anomalies are detected. Internal cameras can help reduce liability risks associated with accidents or events involving workers or customers while also increasing productivity.

A strong video surveillance security system is exactly what you need to shield your company from outside and inside dangers. So, why not get started now? The future of your business depends on your actions today!

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