Security Cameras and Surveillance FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about security cameras and surveillance

Can the patrol supervise cameras if we already have a camera system in place?

Depending on the system you have in place, we can most likely integrate the system with our server.  However, the best way to know is to contact us and we can get the necessary information to see if we can integrate with the camera system in place.

What if you cannot integrate with our cameras system. ?

The simple solution is to add or replace the current DVR/NVR with one that can connect with our system.  For some cases, we would need to replace the system as a whole in order to integrate with our server but this situation is rarely encountered.

What is a DVR/NVR?

DVR and NVR are video recording devices.  The older version is the DVR which is a Digital Video Recorder which connects with older analog cameras.  The newer version is the NVR which is a Network Video Recorder which connects to IP cameras.  These devices can record 24/7 footage on the camera for up to a certain amount of time.  This time is dependent on the storage that is installed in these devices.

What happens when the storage space is full on the DVR/NVR?

When the storage space is full, the unit will begin to overwrite the old files on the drive. The retention rate can vary from 2 days to 30 days. This is dependent on the capacity of the storage installed.

Do we need a separate account with STS Patrol so that we have a response team for alerts during service hours?

Yes.  As STS Patrol and Aclarity Systems, are two different companies, a separate account is needed. But when requesting a quote, we can bundle their costs together so it is just one entity you have to deal with.

Can the patrol offer 24 hours service?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide live video guarding 24 hours at the moment.