FAQs - Security Cameras and Surveillance

Will my camera system integrate with your system?

Our system can integrate with most of the major brands out on the market.  Brands such as Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, Digital Watchdog, just to name a few.  Brands that offer cloud service to view their cameras such as Ubiquiti or Nest Cams will not work with our system.  A good website to test system using the remote login credentials is here.

Do I need to have a patrol account?

It is recommended to have a patrol account through Private Security Patrol Specially in SF as they have a dedicated response team for our customers.  With that said, it is not necessary as we can call other patrol companies that you work with or work with a call list that is provided.

Do I need internet?

Yes.  Internet is required so that our server can communicate with the surveillance system at the property.  This would require some IT work to ensure that the network and port configurations are properly set.

Night vision on camera?

Most cameras on the market have this feature.  This technology works by emitting a small infrared light which then bounces off the surfaces of surrounding objects.  This reflection, not seen by the eye, is then picked up by the camera sensors in night mode.

Can I watch my own cameras?

Yes.  Most systems on the market have their own mobile app to view their cameras live.  For example, Axis cameras utilize Axis Companion and Hikvision uses iVMS

Do you have an annual contract?

Yes.  Our service contract is 12 months.