Five important security tips for cannabis dispensaries



The need to monitor cannabis dispensaries for security purposes has increased in tandem with the expansion of the legal cannabis market. Since several cannabis enterprises don’t use traditional banking services, they keep substantial amounts of money on the premises, making them easy targets for theft and other criminal activity. As such, access to security tips for cannabis dispensaries have become even more important. Also, the cultivation, processing, distribution, and commercial sale of cannabis are all subject to state and federal regulations that must be taken into account when designing a robust security system.

America is experiencing a cannabis resurgence. Cultivating, possessing, and using cannabis is increasingly becoming legal in numerous regions. To be more specific, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) reports that 36 states plus Puerto Rico, Guam, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have all passed laws making medicinal cannabis readily accessible to the general public. In addition, 18 out of these 36 states have also approved its use for recreational purposes.

A dispensary’s ability to maintain compliance, security, and safety can be greatly aided by installing appropriate security measures, such as live video monitoring. How can you achieve these? Read on to find out!

Biggest Security Risks for Cannabis Dispensaries

What’s the biggest threat to your dispensary? The four potential security issues that dispensaries face are as follows:

– Employee theft: When running a dispensary, many proprietors worry more about external dangers than theft from within. However, this is the leading cause of lost inventory and funds. Professionals in the field of cannabis say that 90% of the industry’s monetary and product losses can be traced back to employee theft.

– Cybertheft: The healthcare industry is a prime target for hackers because of the sensitive data it stores on its customers.

– Shoplifting: It’s a sad reality that some customers will try to steal from your dispensary.

– Physical theft: Dispensaries are easy targets for robbers due to their reliance on cash transactions. The worst outcomes can also result from armed robberies.

Tapping into video surveillance technology


Most business owners and experts are realizing the countless benefits that video surveillance technology offers to cannabis dispensaries in the fight against threats and the avoidance of fines. The system allows dispensary owners to keep tabs on everyday operations and safeguard their stock from damage, theft, and vandalism.

As an added bonus, having video footage inside and outside your premise can be beneficial when dealing with auditors and insurance companies. In the aftermath of a disaster, for instance, the insurance company may wish to review the video recordings in order to gather evidence and make their work more efficient.

Regulations for Dispensary Video Surveillance in California

These are what California mandates for surveillance cameras in all its cannabis dispensaries:

– The system must be fully automated and run remotely in real time around the clock.

– High definition (HD) is required so that faces can be clearly seen and identified.

– Keeping an eye on the inside, the main entrance, and the doors leading outside is a must.

– At the very least, 90 days’ worth of footage from the surveillance cameras must be preserved.

– The Chief of Police, or their designate, must be able to access video feeds from anywhere.

By doing what is required, you ensure that your dispensary complies with the law and that your security measures are sufficient to prevent theft and other incidents.

5 Important Security Tips to Safeguard Cannabis Dispensaries

Concerned about your dispensary’s security and compliance with the city’s surveillance regulations? Worry no more! Simply follow these tested-and-trusted security tips for cannabis dispensaries:

 1. Position your cameras in strategic places  – To comply with California regulations, a cannabis business must install cameras where the following activities occur: weighing, packing, storing, loading, and unloading. Indoor and outdoor cameras should also be used to capture all restricted areas, security rooms, as well as entries and exits at the dispensaries.

2. Use high-quality cameras only- All licensed cannabis dispensaries are required to install an automated video surveillance system with a resolution of at least 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. As a best practice, choose lenses capable of capturing at least 1080P (1920 x 1080) to guarantee you have high-quality footage ready to clarify any unpleasant occurrence at your dispensary.

3. Keep track of your inventory- Keeping track of your cannabis inventory is essential for reducing losses due to theft as well as spotting thefts at an early stage. To achieve this, the regulation stipulates that every dispensary provide live video monitoring of its storage units, counter, and all other spaces where cannabis products are sold or exhibited. In addition, all customers, employees, and vendors at cannabis dispensaries must be plainly identifiable on camera footage for law enforcement purposes.

4. Secure your means of transportation- The law mandates constant video monitoring throughout cannabis transportation, so it’s wise to install cameras in your delivery vehicles. This allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your merchandise via live footage and guarantee its safe transportation from one point to another.

5. Activate the “Failure Notification System”– A failure notification system that alerts you if there is a problem with the surveillance cameras or the footage storage device is necessary. Consequently, you will be informed immediately if the cameras are unplugged, damaged, relocated, or tampered with in any way.


Employees and outsiders alike pose a threat of theft to the cannabis business. However, a well-designed security strategy that engages a competent video surveillance company, along with the key security tips for cannabis dispensaries, as discussed above, can aid in safeguarding your dispensary.

A security system that is both productive and dependable is necessary to pass inspections. Furthermore, your client base will increase, and your profitability will rise owing to the confidence provided by a solid security system. All these benefits, and more, can be attained through video surveillance.


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