How Construction Sites Surveillance Safeguards Work-In-Progress

With so many valuables lying in the open, construction sites are an easy target for criminals. It’s no wonder security threats are one of the biggest challenges at construction sites. To neutralize these threats, construction security surveillance needs to be planned and implemented as meticulously as just about any other part of your construction project. This can help you avoid financial loss and litigation expenses and can even boost employee morale.

Outdoor video security systems provide evidence for investigations into criminal activities on construction sites, enables enforcement of ground rules, and ultimately give you peace of mind over the safety and security of your construction site.


Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the advantages of setting up construction surveillance.


The Advantages of Construction Security Surveillance

Deterrence against Criminals

With visible security measures like on site surveillance systems, you can send a strong message warding off criminals, showing them that your site isn’t an easy target. Statistics show that the visible presence of a surveillance system significantly reduces the likelihood of theft or violence on a site. It can also deter potential offenders from breaking ground rules – especially if the surveillance system is integrated with an audio warning system that warns intruders or trespassers before they go move into restricted areas.

Support for other Security Measures

On-site surveillance can also complement the effectiveness of other security measures on the site such as access control, fire detection, parking rules, and lighting.

With the surveillance system, you can ensure that all entrants are properly identified and recorded. If a fire alarm goes off, it’ll be easier to identify the exact part of the building under fire for a quicker response. Coupled with an audio warning system, the surveillance system allows you to warn intruders and people breaking parking rules before they commit the offense. It also makes it easier to identify where facilities such as lighting and intruder detection system have become faulty.

Enhanced Perception

Everyone – not just the site owners and managers – can benefit from the peace of mind in the knowledge of heightened security which the site surveillance system provides. On-site workers can work with greater confidence knowing that their progress on the site will not be undone by acts of vandalism and theft. Company workers, in general, can rest assured that the company is protected from any physical threats on the construction site that might damage their reputation or cause heavy financial loss. 

Protection Against Litigation Claims

You can avoid litigation expenses with indisputable evidence from on-site camera footage. With security cameras recording footages 24/7, you can make it virtually impossible for anyone to make claims against you either with disputable facts or fabricated evidence. As such, incidences of harassment or accidents can be easily resolved with video evidence.

Quick Response to Threats

One of the biggest advantages of construction site surveillance is the ability to capture criminals in the act on your site. As such, you can always report live situations on time for an immediate response from on-site guards or emergency services.

Evidence for Investigation

And in the case where no one is actually there to spot and report a criminal act while it was perpetuated, recorded footage can help provide cues for law enforcement to investigate and possibly apprehend the assailants. Some advanced surveillance systems can provide several other elements for video analytics besides visual feeds, including heat maps, facial recognition, and identification of abandoned items on the site.  


Tips for Managing Construction Site Surveillance

Construction site security

Here are some crucial tips that can help you access these benefits easily:

Choose the Right Type of Security Cams

A wide variety of security cams are available in the markets today, but each one is better suited to specific needs. First, you need to identify the unique security needs of your construction site and then determine what’s the best outdoor camera for you.

Some questions that’ll help you determine this include:

-Do you have a situation room that’s manned round the clock?

-Do you need to record the video feeds off working hours?

-Do you have an on-ground patrol team?

-Are you banking on remote monitoring and emergency services?

Ideally, you should have a remote video monitoring service that keeps an eye on the live feeds round the clock.

Set Up Employee Surveillance

While most of the security challenges may come from external threats, it’s important to be on the lookout for internal threats. With statistics showing that 25 -40% of employees engage in workplace theft, it’s not advisable to leave your site workers unchecked for most of the working hours.

Whether they’re disgruntled over their pay, frustrated with personal problems, or they’re just outright opportunists, you need to make sure that any site worker with the wrong mindset doesn’t make away with valuables on the site. Having them sign on to antitheft policies might not be a sufficient deterrent. Besides warning them about the dire consequences of stealing, you should also put measures in place such as surveillance systems to discourage them from planning such acts.

Set Up Mobile Video Feeds

Having access to a live construction security video feed on your phone can be a huge advantage. That way, you can view live or recorded video feeds of your construction anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You can check on work in progress, inventories and supplies, and a host of other activities on your site at your convenience.

Arrange for Video Surveillance Systems Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring services save you the hassles of setting up an on-site surveillance room that’s manned 24/7. At a relatively lower cost, a remote monitoring service can keep eyes on your video feeds around the clock. They can communicate directly with personnel on the site as well as emergency services to co-ordinate quick responses to threats.


At Aclarity services, we have all the equipment and facilities to provide well-rounded construction surveillance. Deterring criminals is what we do best, but we usually go above and beyond that. We’ll give you total peace of mind by creating a robust image of your site’s security, providing evidence against litigation claims, and complementing the efficiency of other security measures on your site.

Reach out to us today and let’s deliberate on your site’s security surveillance needs.

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