How outdoor security surveillance system upgrade can pay off in spades over the long run


Outdoor Security Surveillance System Upgrade.

You’re probably aware of the frenzy surrounding the advent of 4K cameras and other high-tech surveillance technologies. You’ve probably been considering upgrading your analog surveillance systems, but you need to make decisions financial-wise and not fad-wise.

Most of the benefits of upgrading an outdoor video security system revolve around greater security through enhanced features, but many can have positive impacts on your bottom line over the long run.

An outdoor security systems upgrade can help you reduce operational costs, boost morale and confidence, and enhance productivity around the surveilled premises.

So What is a Digital Surveillance System?

Simply put, a digital surveillance system comprises components that enable the collection and storage of security information in compressible digital formats that can easily be shared over a digital network. By digitalizing everything, a digital surveillance system eliminates the need for several physical moving parts, while enabling remote control and monitoring as well as easy scalability.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the economic advantages of upgrading your surveillance system.

Economic Advantages of Digital Surveillance System

Reduced Costs

With the digital surveillance market currently booming, the availability of technical support and hardware for older security systems is waning. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain older security systems. And as legacy systems age, they develop faults more frequently.

However, digital surveillance equipment are fast-becoming the mainstay of the market, and their overall costs keep declining by the day due to increasing competition. 

Also, compared to analog systems, digital surveillance equipment save you the cost of installing and maintaining numerous components like wiring and manual file storage.

What’s more, digital surveillance systems can also help reduce your insurance premiums and deductible due to their high-performance and low-maintenance design – advantages that’ll easily get insurance managers nodding in approval to lower deductions.


Enhanced Appeal

Just about anyone who’s security-conscious likes more secure spaces. Upgrading your technology promotes the image and appeal of your premises, attracting better visitors, employees, clients, or tenants.

Besides the perception of heightened construction security, digital surveillance systems also promote convenience and ease of accessibility. They make security checks take place faster, smoother, and with less effort. For instance, digital attendance log sensors can keep logs of people entering and exiting the building using the information on their key cards without people needing to line up in queues to sign a time book.

All these advantages can contribute to high morale and boost productivity in your building.


Easier Storage and Retrieval Processes

With videotapes in analog surveillance systems, it takes copious hours of manual review to investigate incidences in the building. In some cases, poor image quality further complicates the work. It gets worse if we’re talking about a situation that unfolded over weeks or even months. By upgrading your outdoor video surveillance system, you can save the cost of countless hours of manual review, with features and integrations that help you dial in to crucial moments in lengthy video clips.

Also, with digital recording, you don’t need to use the fast/rewind functions to navigate to any part of a video clip – simply key in the exact time you want to view and the playback shows it instantly.


Easy Compliance with Retention Requirements

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be obliged to comply with certain video surveillance standards in your building. For instance, cannabis producers and distributors in legal states like California are obliged to comply with stipulated outdoor surveillance standards.

  • In some instances, information retention requirements are set so high, it can be quite costly to comply with them using analog surveillance systems. But with the versatility and greater capabilities of digital surveillance systems, you can significantly reduce the human and financial cost of complying with these requirements.


More Capabilities at Lower Running Costs


Surveillance system

Digital surveillance systems incorporate myriads of features that can’t be found in analog systems. From access control to attendance logs, facial recognition, and cloud syncing, these features simplify and promote various aspects of a building’s security.

More advanced systems incorporate on-board analytics, optical zoom lenses, and advanced signal processing.

What’s more, most of these features can be controlled remotely, making them even more expedient. For instance, you can monitor the movements and activities of your workers on your smart device while you’re away from your construction site. A remote monitoring team can use a digital audio system to tell off intruders and ground-rule offenders caught on camera.

Easy Scalability

With just a little effort, you can incorporate more features and coverage areas into digital outdoor surveillance systems. But with analog systems, you might need to drill walls and run long lengths of cabling to scale up your surveillance system.

Also, with the enhanced optical capabilities of digital cameras, you can cover a wider area with a single camera rather than installing multiple analog cameras. As such, you can easily expand your system at a much lower cost without risking quality issues or technical difficulties.

Advanced Integrations

Digital surveillance systems also simplify the deployment of third-party integrations for various purposes. You can easily integrate analytics programs to further cut down on human costs required to monitor, record, store, and retrieve data. Other important integrations include time management and access control integrations for managing workers, motion detection programs, and alarm systems.

The Bottom Line

While its greater surveillance capabilities are a huge selling point, perhaps the most important factor driving the increasing demand for digital surveillance systems across the board is its cost-effectiveness. Outdated outdoor security surveillance systems may become increasingly problematic as they age further, needing more human and financial resources to remain operable. Any fault can leave a part of your building seriously vulnerable.

At Aclarity, we can help you upgrade your security system to significantly minimize your costs of security over the long run. We’ll use top-notch construction site security features that comply with high building surveillance standards without blowing your budget.

Our digital surveillance systems provide greater capabilities with fewer moving parts. You can cover wider areas effectively with fewer cameras and less wire clutter.

It’s also quite easy to scale up our digital surveillance system and integrate new features and applications compared to an analog system. With our digital surveillance system, you can simplify the management of various aspects of your site’s security through centralized control.

Reach out to us today and let’s help you plan and roll out an upgrade of your surveillance system.

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