How to choose the right security surveillance company in San Francisco for your construction site

Security surveillance

The right security surveillance company can be the first line of defence against losses and delays resulting from thefts and vandalism on your construction site. Unlike securing most other types of buildings, construction security can be fraught with many loose ends. Valuables are left in the open, with heavy traffic of people coming and leaving for various purposes, and the premises is deserted after working hours.


A comprehensive, highly optimized surveillance service is needed to give your construction site reliable protection.


To choose the best security surveillance company for your construction site, first, you need self-evaluation. You need to examine your site’s unique security needs and then use that as criteria for finding a security firm that’s a good fit.


Once you’ve clearly articulated your needs, you can use the following tips to narrow down your list of candidates.


The security surveillance company that you are hiring have any history of working on a site similar to yours?

The first criterion you should consider is their familiarity with construction sites like yours. Some companies are mostly into high-rise construction sites, while others may be more experienced with civil construction sites like roads and other public facilities.

The more experience a company has with construction sites similar to yours, the more likely it is that they’ll understand and cater to your unique needs.


Are they familiar with your neighborhood?

A security surveillance company with close bases in San Francisco will most likely be better-suited for your construction site than a company that has no operational base around the city or state. With the former, you’ll be working with surveillance experts that are well-aware of the unique challenges in your neighborhood.

A security surveillance company in San Francisco that’s familiar with your neighbourhood will be better-placed to provide quicker responses and reinforcements during emergencies and forestall any threat that’s common in your neighborhood.


Do they have a solid reputation?

It’s difficult to assess a surveillance firm that doesn’t have a strong web presence. You need to choose a company that has a solid reputation online, with good reviews and ratings. What are other customers saying about their services? One or two bad reviews do not necessarily spell doom, but several bad reviews are a huge red flag.

If possible, ask their current and former employees about their experiences with the company. You don’t need to ask directly – just talk about the company in general and watch their tone and body language as they’re responding.

live video surveillance

Are they responsive to your unique needs?

You need to work with a surveillance company in San Francisco that has a simple channel of communication and provides quick responses to your queries. The company should be able to accommodate your unique needs with flexible service delivery that easily adapts to required changes.

If it’s difficult to reach their decision-makers or they take quite long to respond to your queries, you’ll most likely have a difficult working relationship with them going forward.

What are their threat detection methods?

An effective detection system can help you prevent threats and avoid the hassles of investigating a crime on your site. An ideal construction site surveillance firm should provide you with outdoor video surveillance systems, intruder detection systems etc.

What are Their Deterrence Methods?

Your surveillance firm should have effective plans in place to nib any threat detected on the site before the damage is done. In some instances, the visible presence of heightened security might be enough – unclimbable perimeter fences, flush lights, heavy locks on access points, the best outdoor cameras, etc. However, your surveillance company should also be able to act quickly to prevent anyone attempting to break in.

Aclarity provides remote activated alarms system to ward off threat actors caught on camera.

What are their methods of response?

The method of response is very critical to the efficiency of a surveillance firm. Ideally, your surveillance firm should be able to collaborate effectively with first responders to deal with any threat on the site. They should also be able to quickly provide law enforcement and other emergency services with live outdoor security surveillance feeds and other important information to help arrest a situation.


How much do they charge?

The last but by no means the least important factor is the cost of their service. Your ideal security firm should be able to provide you with all the security measures you need at a cost-effective rate.

When assessing the cost, it’s always important to do your due diligence to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. You’d want to ensure that the final quote captures every billable item.


Summing Up

When choosing a surveillance firm for your construction site security, you need to ensure that they have a firm understanding of the unique security needs of your construction site and its neighborhood.

At Aclarity, we not only meet these construction surveillance requirements, but we also have a solid reputation for providing responsive, satisfactory customer care.

We’ll protect your construction site with a well-rounded surveillance system, providing effective measures for detecting and deterring threats, as well as a rapid response mechanism for collaborating with emergency services to bring dangerous situations under control.

What’s more, we deliver all these benefits at a highly competitive price.

Contact us to us today and let our surveillance experts offer the best recommendations for your construction site’s security.


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