Mobile Video Surveillance System And Its Growing Advantages

Mobile Video Camera


Mobile video surveillance system are increasingly gaining foothold in the surveillance industry. With the list of advantages increasing by the day. Here are reasons why they may be the best bet for your construction site’s security.

Need a more flexible, scalable and economical surveillance system for your construction site? A system that doesn’t depend on the existing infrastructures and man power and can easily be adjusted to cover for rising needs? Fixed outdoor systems fall short in most of these criteria. But how about a mobile surveillance system?

You get a standalone system that isn’t fixed to any structure and is portable enough to be moved around the site as the need arises.

More site owners are coming to appreciate the advantages of mobile surveillance systems. They can monitor their sites effectively without having to deal with cables, complex installation requirement, or power and connectivity needs.

In this guide, we’ll look at what a mobile video surveillance system is and the growing list of advantages it offers.

What is a Mobile Video Surveillance System?

Mobile video surveillance system is a simple set up with a set of cameras mounted on a self-contained rig. The rig is a standalone, lightweight, and portable structure with everything needed to run the cameras, including power and connectivity equipment. That means it can be set up anywhere, even on a virgin site with no walls, and amenities like power or internet connectivity.


Mobile surveillance system often are often powered by solar. Aclarity’s solar-powered mobile system can run for 12 hours uninterrupted with a full charge, and can also be powered with 120VAC power. It’s also equipped with 4G cellular connectivity that can make up for unreliable mobile network in an area.

Key Advantages of Mobile Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites


You can easily set up and relocate a mobile video surveillance system around your site or on multiple sites. Previously inaccessible locations can easily be rigged and monitored. Regardless the power or connectivity facilities on ground. For instance, it can easily be moved along the lines of progress in a large residential development. Easy relocated to new sections once a construction phase is completed.

This saves you the cost and effort of erecting infrastructure to build up your site security. You can have security well set up even before obtaining building permits or making any moves on ground. It serves both short-term and long-term security goals, lending itself to use from the onset through all the phases of your development.

Quick Deployment

From start to finish, you could have a mobile video system set up in minutes. It’s a simple plug and play system that requires no hard wiring or complex tools. It’s also set and forget, requiring minimal maintenance. With reliable power and connectivity sources that can run on their own for a set period. Uninstalling and relocating to new areas is also as easy, making for a versatile, flexible, security system. For instance, you can easily decouple and reinstall your mobile system from a temporary storage shack to the new storage site.

What you’ll have is a security system that can be deployed speedily on your site and easily integrated into your site-in-progress.


It’s easier to relocate and scale your mobile video surveillance compared to traditional systems. You only just need a moment to mount your self-contained mobile system at the monitoring point or deploy new units at new locations. You don’t need to knock on walls or dig up trenches for underground wiring. It makes for a versatile system that can easily grow with your site.

Adjusting the position of your camera according to rising needs is also very easy. You can also prevent unnecessary expenses. You won’t end up with cameras locked into redundant positions or extra cameras you won’t need in the long run.

Easy Customization

With it’s simplicity and high versatility, it’s super easy to tailor a mobile surveillance system according to your site’s security needs. For instance, you can easily replace low resolution cameras with high resolution ones. when relocating your system from a low-traffic area such as a store to a high-traffic area like entrances. Or you can deploy infrared cameras in around areas with poor lighting.

Whatever your surveillance needs are, rest assured they can be filled with a mobile surveillance system. Also, anyone on your site can manage your mobile surveillance system. You don’t need to call in camera experts to uninstall, relocate, or maintain your system.

Good Economics

Mobile surveillance systems can save you a lot of upfront costs, especially at a virgin site. It precludes the cost of acquiring building permits, erecting infrastructure, and hiring labor of all sorts. Site owners usually go the route of security guards to secure a virgin site. But mobile security is a more cost-effective, reliable solution. It costs a fraction while providing a far much wider coverage compared to security guards, who charge many times over but can only be at one place per time.

Plus, a mobile surveillance system is much cheaper to relocate and scale compared to either permanent surveillance systems or guards.

Lower Carbon Footprints

Aclarity’s mobile system is solar powered, generating a significantly lower carbon footprint on your site than permanent systems. You can run your system without any fossil-fuel power sources like generators or coal-based power grids. You can also avoid all the clutter of electrical installations.

The solar-powered battery can run for 12 hours non-stop, plus the unit can also be powered by electricity.

What you’ll get is a foolproof, reliable system that can run without fail to keep criminals at bay on your site at all times. It’s also protected from power outages – your site will remain fully covered whether there’s an extreme weather event or intentional sabotage of power installations by criminals.

Is a Mobile Surveillance System the Right Call for Your Site?

A mobile surveillance system can help you surmount all the limitations of permanent systems in providing optimal security on your site. Aclarity’s mobile surveillance system is equipped to serve you through thick and thin, both when you have nothing on ground and when your site is fully developed.

Still not decided on what type of surveillance system to use on your site? Book a free consultation with our surveillance experts and let’s deliberate your unique surveillance needs.

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