Plan your Construction site security with Smart Cameras

Securing your construction site properly is imperative. With the right equipment such as smart security cameras, it is easier to identify a real risk versus a false alarm.


During the pandemic, many construction projects were delayed or cancelled and without a job site security plan in place, these sites were vulnerable to unwanted criminal activities.  For owners and general contractors alike, the potential loss of equipment, copper pipes, and more is on top of their minds for these short months.

                                               Construction Site Theft — A Growing Problem

Every year, constructions sites lose between $300 million to $1 billion in stolen equipment and materials to trackers and loaders around the nation.  Out of these losses, less than 25% is recovered and this number continues to increase by at least 10% every year since 1966.

Not only does theft cost money, it also causes delays when having to replace and re-renting equipment.  Thus, preventing theft is critical at your construction site.

The question then becomes, how can we prevent these unwanted criminal activities. There are some key points to consider when planning out the job site security plan:

  1. FENCES: 10-foot fences should be installed around the perimeter of the site and secured with no gaps.
  2. LIGHTING: Having lights around the job site especially in areas where equipment and materials are likely stored.
  3. LOCK IT UP: Locking up any extraneous materials until they are needed as well as entrances and bathrooms.
  4. SECURITY CAMERAS:Job site security camera can lessen the chance of a construction site being a mark for potential criminal activity.
  5. PATROL & RESPONSE TEAM: Having a dedicated response team to the alerts received is essential part to preventing criminal activity. This will increase the likelihood of detaining the intruder with a quick response time.

With security cameras properly placed, they can be used to as evidence for trespassers and theft suspects.  Moreover, it can also help General Contractors keep an eye on subcontractors’ activities. The storage devices whether it be an NVR/DVR or onboard SD card should be properly maintained for video storage.  And when properly setup, the live feeds can be access from a smart phone.

                                                 Smart Video for Construction Site Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras use computer algorithms that analyse huge amounts of real-time data. They can be programmed to detect the level of threat, and take action quickly in ways that, formerly, only humans could. These smart cameras can:

  • -Use solar panels and wireless communication to create robust security, even on empty, undeveloped land.
  •  -They have night recording capabilities – perfect for unlit areas.
  •  -The equipment is weatherproofed and built for outdoor use.
  •  -They offer HD footage for clear close-ups.
  •  -The cameras can be connected either to a DVR for recording or to the Internet to allow real-time monitoring.

Consider these new, smarter cameras like a virtual guard system that can keep the construction site safe even when you’re not there.

Smart cameras offer some incredible features beyond security that older analog construction site security systems simply can’t handle:

  • Intrusion detection

Unlike basic motion detection, smart cameras have intrusion detection which performs at a higher function than pixilation changes in the feed.  It allows for object size as well as loitering detection.  This helps filter out unwanted alerts such as cats or trees moving which would be triggered with a non-smart camera.

  • AI detection
    With the recent technological advances including AI technology, this is now being utilised with cameras.  Capable smart cameras with AI detection can effectively detect a human and vehicle.  With these types of cameras, false alarms are kept to a minimum.

Theft at a construction site is a huge problem and will only continue to grow.  In today’s society, getting a solid job site security plan in place is crucial.  By using the smart cameras in well secured enclosed construction boxes coupled with a dedicated response team, generals contracts now have a leg up on the criminals.

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