Remote Monitoring – A Comprehensive Guide For The Costing

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is an ultimate solution to your site security needs. A video surveillance system is also another reliable option, but it’s ineffective if there’s no one to monitor. It might end up costing quite a lot to man the surveillance room during off hours.

A tight onsite security system doesn’t come in cheap. There are several options to explore, each with a different cost as well as pros and cons. For  small businesses given the sheer number of paid hours they’ll be billed for, the cost can be prohibitive.

Enter remote monitoring services and get the best of on guard patrol and a constantly monitored surveillance system at a fraction of the cost.

Remote monitoring services work with

-Well trained monitoring experts

-Remotely operated siren

-Onsite patrol guards

-Emergency services to provide optimal security for your site.

Find out how remote monitoring provides the most effective security solution at a relatively lower cost. But first, let’s explain exactly what a remote monitoring service is and how they work.

What is a Remote Monitoring Service?

Remote monitoring is a set up where a network of CCTV cameras are connected to a monitoring station via WiFi or mobile data. But excellent remote monitoring services go beyond that. Several layers of features are deployed to create and maintain airtight security on a premises.

The video footage is monitored by surveillance experts who have a keen eye for unusual activities. They can help you set up the cameras on site to ensure that every inch of the property is well covered. They can also set up features like  audio warnings and remotely activated siren  for warding off intruders.

Video analytics can also be used to automatically detect signs of unusual activities. This helps alert the surveillance experts to signs they may have failed to notice. Excellent remote monitoring also have an express line of communication with on ground patrol and emergency services.  Who they can call on to intervene in the event of any potential danger.

Remote Monitoring Cost Vs. On-Site Security Cost

With onsite security, pay for all the working hours put in by your guards that’s an hourly wage. On average, guards cost $12  to $20 per hour, and monitoring 12 hours every day would cost at least $5,000 per month. That could quickly add up if you hire two or three more guards to properly cover every part of the property. No doubt, it can be quite expensive not only to maintain security guards but to also scale your security.

Remote monitoring, on the other hand, charge a fraction of the cost of guards while also making it quite easy to cover new areas. Since they monitor multiple properties simultaneously in a centralized viewing center. They can significantly reduce the cost of monitoring each individual sites without necessarily reducing the effectiveness of the service.

On average, monitoring service charge just a few $100’s or $1000s per month. To have security experts watch every corner of your property. That’s just a fraction of the cost of security guards.

What Does a Remote Monitoring Service Charge You For?

video surveillance
So if you’re not paying hourly wages for  remote surveillance services as with security guards, how does the remote surveillance service calculate their fees?

Here are a few clues of what might be going into your billing:

Installation Costs:

Your remote monitoring service may offer to set up your camera system and bill that into your quote. Some services can even rent you their cameras or offer them up for free to help you cut back on some of the upfront cost.

Extra Monitoring Hardware

Your remote monitoring service can also deploy extra tools like motion sensors and alarms to further strengthen your security. Most also work with remote audio warning systems to tell off potential intruders caught on camera. This can all help them respond more quickly to threats on site.

Coverage Area

The sheer size of the monitored area can have a significant effect on the pricing. The cost will be higher if you’re monitoring a multi-storey building compared to a small construction site in the early stages. However, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to expand your security coverage with remote monitoring compared to hiring extra guards or paying for extra working hours.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Considering Remote Monitoring Service Cost

When assessing the cost of hiring a remote monitoring service, it’s important to keep the following considerations in mind:

– Do they work with onsite patrol guards and emergency response teams?
– Do they have a clear, responsive line of communication allowing you to get all the information you need anytime?
– Will they help install and maintain the cameras on site?
– Check for their customer reviews and service track record
– Make sure they’re flexible and easily scalable, allowing you to add or reduce monitoring hours or monitored space.

Leverage Remote Monitoring for Tighter Security at a Minimal Cost

It’s a little unfortunate that after paying for your valuables, you also have to pay more to secure it. For some small businesses, the cost of a security guard can take up a significant portion of their operational budget. Having a manned surveillance system  also proves quite expensive.
However, remote monitoring services can help you save $1000s every month while also providing air-tight security on your premises.

At Aclarity, you can have highly experienced surveillance experts watching every nook and cranny of your site 24/7 at a pocket-friendly price. We use state of the art monitoring and video analytics software to stay on top of every activity on your site.

Take advantage of our free consultation today and let’s deliberate on your site’s remote monitoring needs.

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