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Aclarity systems is a San Francisco Security Company providing live video monitoring and patrol. One Co-Founder worked in the Tech industry and was the President of a Home Owners Association. The second founder was an owner of a San Francisco Private Security firm. Both saw the inefficiencies of standard security guards on a daily basis.

Together, they conceived a system that would utilize inexpensive security cameras with mobile guards. Rather than having a guard stay at one site all night, the guards could patrol and only respond when the camerasĀ  identified something suspicious. This way, customers would have all the benefits of a fixed post guard without the cost.

Through a partnership, the company was started with a charter to offer high quality security at a fraction of the cost of traditional security guards in SF. Aclarity Systems, LLC is proud to of save customers millions of dollars over the year while protecting homes, offices, construction sites, and other critical infrastructure sites.

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Aclarity Systems delivers remote monitoring security to a construction site in San Francisco

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