Securing a construction site

Theft is one of the biggest issues for construction site security but there are certainly ways to help alleviate this problem.

Protecting a construction site involves a well thought out jobsite security plan including fencing, signage, adequate lighting, patrol companies with response team, surveillance system, and more.

Why is theft so common with job sites?


Proactively thinking about jobsite security plans and layouts effectively mitigates financial loss from time and equipment.

This epidemic within the construction industry will continue to persist if contractors continue to ignore the importance of security considerations such as surveillance systems for the jobsite.

Now, why is nothing being done if it is such a problem within the industry?  First off, penalties for these crimes are too lenient in the United States.  Criminals do not give it a second thought when there is a high chance of them getting away with their crime unscathed.

The next reason is because stolen equipment can still be sold for a lot of money.  And coupled with the leniency and low risk, theft cannot be completed prevented but can definitely be lowered with the proper job site security plan.

Securing your construction site


There are many factors to consider when considering jobsite security for your future projects.  It is crucial to keep the following points relevant during that discussion.

  1.   1.  Make the fencing impossible to climb, have 8 feet fencing instead of standard 6 
  2.        feet fencing.
  3.   2.  Consider locking your Porta Potties overnight or during non-working hours and 
  4.        Prevent Vandalism.
  5.   3.  One of the most vulnerable areas at a construction site is where job boxes are
  6.        placed, make sure your Job boxes are under camera coverage and deploy the 
  7.        camera right over the job box area.
  8.   4.  Sign up for STOP Program by San Jose Police Department or Equivalent.  
  9.   5.  Clear Trees or any other structure that intruders can possibly use to break in.
  10.   6.  Have someone check power to all camera boxes before they leave the site for the 
  11.        day.
  12.   7.  Co-locate valuable supplies where there is the best light and camera coverage.
  13.   8.  If you have fixed post, have someone independently verify his patrols hourly. 
  14.        Walk in front of the camera (watchguard service).
  15.   9.  Construction sites are usually dark and isolated places, a well-lit jobsite helps
  16.        deter crime.
  17.   10. Install alarms at the site where they can be most effective.
  18.   11. Real quick patrol response is effective deterrent in case of intrusion


  •  -Budget

An adequate budget can help prevent thousands of dollars of stolen equipment.  As security is typically seen as a lower end of priority for most contractors, budget for security is severely limited.   Cutting corners to save a few dollars here and there create vulnerabilities for the job site security which translates to thousands of dollars of stolen equipment.

As you determine the budget you will allocate for security measures, you need to be aware of how bad construction equipment theft is in your local city. Commonly, thieves commonly break into construction sites in their local areas.


  •  -Equipment Type and Condition

The common mistake for construction sites is choosing the wrong type of equipment.  As the technology for security camera continues to advance and diversity, specific equipment is required for specific purposes.  Having the right equipment in the right place gets the job done in the most cost-efficient manner.

  •  -Assigning roles to your employees

Another large part of prevention is assigning tasks to jobsite employees to do easily monthly maintenance on the equipment such as cleaning the lens of the cameras, ensuring system is powered and connected properly, etc.  Keeping security in the forefront of everyone’s mind, ensure the site is properly secured at all times.


At Aclarity Systems, we work to make job sites security with our pre-constructed camera boxes tailored to sites needs.  No power, no problem, no internet available, no problem, our boxes can work with Solar Panels and can provide it on internet via 4G.

For any security needs, feel free to call us at 888.850.3339 or contact us via our website.


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