Security Solutions Tips For Your Cannabis Business

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How do you safeguard your cannabis business? When the legal cannabis industry expands, concerns about illegal activity may inevitably increase.

There’s a crime hazard from criminals who realize that you’re dealing in cash as well as your own workers. It is important to implement the best cannabis security solutions.

A cash-heavy and relatively new business with various legislation in different states, security is a concern at dispensaries and growth facilities as well, so here are some tips to help you get started:-

1. Protection against inside jobs.

The majority of crimes in the cannabis industry are from employees or employees sharing information with organized criminal groups.  Yet, many companies make more effort to defend against break-ins. The best cannabis protection approach is the one that mitigates threat from inside and outside jobs equally well.

  1. 2. Early detection and alerts in real-time are important.

Only live serviced cameras are effective at warding off break-ins. Once a criminal gets into the business, there can be very dangerous hostage situations. Keeping these people out through remotely activated sirens is critical. A properly placed camera with a clear view of the entry way helps identify potential threats and allows for early detection and action against the threat.

  1. 3. Understand the local requirements.

For cannabis dispensaries and cultivation sites, California State has its own set of rules. For example:-

  • -Minimum camera resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.
  • -Permanent mounting and fixed locations
  • -24 hours recording with date and time displayed
  • -Storage devices should be secured to protect the recording from tampering and theft.
  • -Entrance and Exit shall be recorded from both indoor and outdoor.

Your system of surveillance must be safe and compliant.

Note: Contrary to popular belief the recording doesn’t necessarily need to be on the cloud. Check your laws/regulations closely. Sometimes a different, secure location can work. This can save $1k’s per month in cloud fees

  1. 4. Choose a scalable and customizable security solution.

Your needs can change as your company grows. Expanding facilities, more workers, and a change in government laws-all of these factors will affect your security. Find one that is adaptable to your changing needs, to ensure you have the best security solution at all times. Aclarity system provides tailor made security services as and when required.

  1. 5. Just following government rules are not enough.

When selecting cannabis security solutions, following government rules shouldn’t be your only guideline as this may be less stringent than others on security. And even those with tight restrictions are more concentrated than your cash on your product. Having a clear protocol for emergencies for employees is important as things can happen very quickly.

  1. 6. Keep your system of surveillance visible.

Ideally, the surveillance system helps deter the occurrence of crime. A comprehensive surveillance system is one of the strongest deterrents for would-be offenders, and particularly those who work for you. Make sure that when it comes to security, everybody knows and can see that you mean business.


  1. 7. Local Storage vs Cloud storage.

Cloud storage is storage that is completely offsite.  What this means it that all the video feed is being recorded on the cloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  This sounds like the great idea but the burden these types of system put on the bandwidth is tremendous.  For 16 cameras with a 1080 resolution at 15 frames per second, the average bandwidth required is 21Mbps (~1.33 Mbps per camera).  Unless a dedicated internet line is pulled for the security system, the whole network will see major throttling.  Moreover, the cloud total storage required as per state requirements would be around 46TB of data which equates to ~$5,100 a month for just the cloud storage server.

In general, local storage is not something that needs to be an additional piece of equipment to be purchased. Most systems will come with a NVR so the cameras are feeding into a centralized system for easy remote viewing and recording.  But there are some challenges as well.  Some NVRs might not have enough slots for additional hard drives to expand storage.  In this case, a NAS server would be used as a local network drive to expand the storage space. 

Both type of storage require complicated network setup and both system require a budget for an upfront cost.  In the long run, a local storage system is easily expandable and much more cost efficient.


  1. 8. Recognize the highest return that offenders seek.

It’s important to protect cannabis plants, but savvy criminals are far more interested in what’s in your dry storage. They want the most benefit for the risk if they are going to break in, make sure not to miss any spot when it comes to live video surveillance.


  1. 9. Identify possible blind spots in your security solutions.

Make sure that the security surveillance company you choose to install your surveillance system knows where the assets, equipment, and other possible obstructions are placed. Your cameras should be positioned to optimize the identification of a potential crime. Speaking with your security professional and help identify these blind spots and ensure the areas are covered appropriately with strategically placed cameras.


  1. 10. Find a company with experience in cannabis industry

Since this industry is still in its early stages, not all security companies are familiar with cannabis dispensaries or have experience dealing with them. The dynamics are special, and there are ever-changing regulations. Pick a security company that acknowledges this and knows the industry. 


Aclarity Systems provides live video service solutions so you can sleep safe at night.


For you security needs, feel free to call us at 888.850.3339 or contact us via our website.


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