Simple Yet Effective Apartment Building Security Tips to Keep Intruders At Bay

Apartment security

Burgling at apartment building  is one of the most lucrative types of burglary. Criminals make away with about $2,000 on average on every successful attempt, according to an FBI report. No wonder the report also shows that nearly 2 out of 3 burglaries target residential properties. But on the other hand, robust apartment building security  can pay off in spades, boosting the building’s appeal and raising its market value. With apartments 85% more likely to be burglarized than other types of rentals, you can make your apartment more attractive to better tenants by instilling a strong sense of security in the premises with top-notch security features such as outdoor security systems.

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Apartment building security

We’ve put together this guide to help you beef up your apartment building security with simple yet highly effective security features.

Replace your locks​

You can always stay a step ahead of burglars by replacing the door locks and window locks in your apartment building every once in a while.

Rekey or replace the door locks once a tenant moves out to make the incoming tenant feel safer. If you’re running short of cash, you can ask the incoming tenant to change their locks. If you’re using electronic locks, change the passcodes to the main entrances of the apartment and the general entrances once a tenant moves out.

Additionally, you should ensure that the entrance doors have other security features such as peepholes and a secondary lock like a rugged double-cylinder deadbolt or a mortise lock.

Most home intruders gain entry through windows, so you need to guard against this by installing sturdy locks and burglar proofing on every apartment window, especially those closer to the ground floor.


Upgrade your exterior lighting

Good outdoor lighting is one of the most effective deterrents against burglars and intruders. The greater the illumination, the lesser the possibility of burglars getting away unnoticed.

To improve your apartment security, you should upgrade your lighting to make sure every inch of your apartment’s vicinity is well lit – not just the walkways and parking areas. Make sure every lighting point is switched on at night. Replace dead bulbs and fix faults promptly.

With the environment well-lit, intruders will always be afraid that someone will spot them if they come around. If you can’t arrange for someone to always turn the lights on and off, you can leave the lights on permanently or you can opt for smart lightings with timers that turn them on and off automatically during and after nightfall. You can also opt for those with remote monitoring functions that enable you to control them from your phone.

Another outdoor lighting upgrade you should consider is motion-sensing lighting. With this option, you’ll be alerted to the instance anyone walks inside your compound.


Upgrade your security surveillance system

With a video surveillance system, you can deter criminals, catch them in the act, and also obtain evidence for investigation into crimes in your apartment.

You need to have a reliable camera system in your apartment’s building to access these benefits.

If you have one that isn’t fully operational, you need to upgrade it.

Apartment building security

Tips to consider when upgrading your live video surveillance systems

Opt for Solar powered mobile units

Modern solar powered surveillance cameras come with many advantages over the wired CCTV cameras, especially in terms of costs and convenience. They help you avoid the extra expenses of running cable networks, though you might need a cost-effective bandwidth plan for the Wi-Fi connection. They’re also much easier to install.


Choose day/night cameras

Day/night cameras enable you to run 24/7/surveillance without using two different cameras for day and night time. A single day/night camera is cheaper and easier to maintain than two different cameras.


Use static cameras in some places

You don’t need to use pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras in every point. You can use static cameras, which are cheaper, in places where you can have a clear view of the visual field without the need to turn or tilt the cameras. You can position the static cameras in angles that complement each other’s views to eliminate the need to move a camera around.


Upgrade your footage storage

You should also make sure your footages are stored properly. Modern storage methods like Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are much more cost-effective and efficient than older systems like those based on VHS. IP-based storages are currently the best, with footages from weeks and months  all stored on cloud and no need to install and maintain on-premises facilities.


Set up alarm systems

If you don’t have eyes constantly on the camera feed, you should opt for an intruder alarm system that alerts you to any suspicious movements. Here are some tips to consider when installing an intruder alarm system:


Connect them to other security features:

You can connect the alarm to your lighting. Any intruder will turn tails and flee once the light comes on and the alarm goes off. You can also connect the alarm system to third-party companies that’ll monitor and respond to the alarm signals.



These apartment surveillance security tips will help you keep burglars and intruders at bay and also help the authorities apprehend anyone who commits a crime in your apartment complex. You need to ensure that your first line of defense – the doors and windows – are tightly secured. Proper outdoor lighting will make it harder for vandals to get away. Security cameras and alarm systems will help you remain alerted to any suspicious activities in the apartment.


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