SimpliSafe - Wireless Security system for your Trailer

The SimpliSafe security system is ideal for your trailer security, equipped with motion sensors, entry sensors and alarms.

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– Built-in 95dB siren with signal burst technology

– Wireless

– Panic button with silent panic option

– 24-hour battery

– Dual Wi-Fi and cellular connections

Main components- SimpliSafe wireless security system


– Base station

– Keypad

– Entry sensor

– Motion sensor

– Panic button

– Key fob

Additional benefits of SimpliSafe security system

  • – SimpliSafe’s system is powered by signal burst technology that can easily
  •   accommodate trailers and has a range of up to 1,000 feet.
  • – 24-hour backup battery and dual Wi-Fi and cellular connections to keep your
  •   trailer secure at the time of power outage.