Key Features of Construction Camera Box

Security surveillance

Protect your business and enhance security surveillance, deploy construction camera boxes with 4G connectivity, Upto 8 hours of battery backup, inbuilt siren and SD card storage.

4G Connectivity

-Easy deployment

-Stable internet connection

-4G LTE service

-Low power consumption




-Early deterrent for potential intrusion

-Can be remotely activated

-110 dB

-Small footprint

Battery Back up


-Rechargeable battery and wont degrade overtime  

-Keeps the system online up to 8 hours after power outage 

-LiFePO4 battery

-Can be charged with 120VAC or 12VDC


-Complies with NEMA types 1,2,3,3R,4,4X,12 and 13

-Type IP65 



-Light weight 

-Poly-carbonate box and cover 

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