Why Remote Video Monitoring Is Important

Remote monitoring as one of the most versatile methods of surveillance. It provides air-tight, laser-sharp security around a wide range of settings. From construction sites to business premises, high-rise buildings, warehouses, and distribution centers.

It’s the perfect response to a crime clime requiring a property to be properly surveilled. With trained eyes and ears constantly on alert to everything on the premises. A network of CCTV cameras on a premises is monitored remotely in a room full of monitoring screens.  Surveillance experts are on a close watch. Oftentimes working with A.I analytics tools, remote surveillance experts can quickly identify, respond to, and diffuse anything out of the ordinary on site.

But that’s not all there is to remote monitoring. In the following sections, we’ll drill deeper into the essence of remote monitoring.

Looking for solid reasons that’ll convince you and other decision makers to root for remote monitoring on your premises? Let’s look at some of them.

Clinical Response To Incidences

If anyone starts acting funny around your premises  like scanning around for security cameras, you can rest assured a surveillance expert is alert to it. Bright eyed bushy tailed remote surveillance experts can quickly spot suspicious activities and manage situations effectively.

They have their eyes and ears on every part of the building, providing maximum surveillance coverage with no room for oversights.

With their keen sense of judgment, they’ll address any usual event with the most rational course of action. They could decide to stay quiet and continue monitoring, call out the threat actor, ring the alarms, dispatch patrolling team or call in the cops.

Seamless Installation and Maintenance

You can let your monitoring service set up your surveillance system from start to finish. They can craft a tailor-made surveillance plan, install the cameras, and see to regular maintenance.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, a remote monitoring team can set up your surveillance system within a matter of a few minutes or hours. Depending on the magnitude of the system. And they’ll quickly identify any parts breakdown or signs of wear and tear that require urgent attention. Helping ensure that your surveillance system is always shaped up to monitor your premises relentlessly.

Round-The-Clock Protection

Do you need to monitor your site on and off working hours and during weekends and holidays? Remote video surveillance is your best bet.

remote monitoring

Even though they’re on round the clock duty, guards in your manned on site surveillance room might lack the discipline.  This might lead to keen sense of judgment to sniff out danger at all times.

They might even take out their phone and zoom off on a chat while something serious is going on . Often leads to intervening a little too late and failing to prevent a serious crime. But with remote surveillance, you have dedicated trained experts who never take their eyes off their screen while on duty. Providing laser-focused protection all day, all night, 24/7.

Minimal False Alarms

Your peace of mind can easily be taken away by a false alarm. To guarantee a constant sense of security in your premises, your system needs to be goof-proof against false alarms that scare people for nothing. With remote monitoring, every event is assessed with a seasoned sense of judgment. Surveillance experts neither react too fast nor too slow. They know the right measures to apply to deal with any situation.

If they can’t make a call confidently with what they see on their screens. They can have someone on site check it out, rather than just blaze off the alarms when a shadow flickers on a screen. And that brings us to the next point.

Quicker Police Response

Because they know the emergency has been properly pre analyzed by security experts and patrolling team.  It isn’t a false alarm, the police and other authorities are usually less skeptical when responding to distress calls from remote surveillance experts. They know the situation has been closely monitored by trained eyes and that they’ll have a clear picture of what’s happening. They’ll most likely have key witnesses and evidence to help them resolve the crime.

What’s more, remote monitoring experts can also ensure that surveillance feeds comply with standards set for their use in police investigations.

Minimized Risks of Accidents, False Claims, and Fraud

A remote monitoring team can be the first line of safety in your property, preventing any incidence that could lead to an accident or claims. And for incidences that can’t be stopped, remote monitoring can provide sufficient evidence to determine liability. By reducing the risks of accidents and claims on your site, a remote monitoring team can make your insurance company really happy with you. As in happy enough to cut you some slack. It also makes it easier to keep close track of your inventories, checking employee thefts and other fraudulent activities on site.

More Bang for Your Security Bucks

At a fraction of the cost of hiring on site guards round the clock, remote monitoring gives you options to monitor your site constantly with well trained surveillance experts and security analytics technologies. Remote monitoring services also have flexible pricing. You won’t be locked into long term contracts. you can always renegotiate your services as need arises.

Beef Up Security on Your Premises with Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you place your site surveillance on auto pilot. Rather than manage a surveillance system on your own with all the nuts and bolts, you can outsource everything to a remote monitoring team.

At Aclarity, we guarantee a seamless remote surveillance experience for clients. We can ensure that every nook and cranny of your premises is captured clearly on our screens at all times. We can also collaborate with on site guards as well as the authority to bring quick intervention to any unruly situation.

Still not sure how remote monitoring can meet your building’s security needs? Our surveillance experts are always happy to take your surveillance system inquires.

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