Wireless Security Cameras

We pride ourselves in offering our clientele a cost effective solution. We are able to use our client’s existing security cameras if they meet our specifications however if they do not we area able to procure remote security camera equipment at reasonable cost and provide security camera installation. We use HD security cameras to set up optimal CCTV camera networks.

Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Security Camera

  • Live Monitoring
  • Urgent dispatch
  • Night quality control
  • Notification of equipment issues
  • Video Verification

We are able to install hidden camera that make it difficult for criminals to know that they are being monitored, thus giving our security staff an upper hand.

We perform analysis of the client site thus enabling us to determine the best remote surveillance camera setup. We may recommend use of night vision security cameras that make use of infrared technology. We may also recommend motion activated cameras.

We connect to the camera via the internet using unique ip camera we prefer remote wireless security cameras because the installation is cheaper and efficient because all that is required is a power source or batteries. No costly cables and wiring are necessary.

If you are looking for a San Francisco Security Company Aclarity Systems is the best in the bay area and will ensure the safety of your property.



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